‘Captain America: Civil War’ an Emotional HORROR Movie? Let me explain…

With all the hype surrounding  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,  most people may be forgetting that there are other superhero films coming very soon with one of them being  Captain America: Civil War.   The films stakes have been raised even higher while more and more news are surfacing giving us vital information to delve into.  

I recently read an article from BirthMoviesDeath.com titled “New Civil War Photos Bring Us Behind the Battle.”  While the article does touch on some of the behind the scenes photos that were taken by the crew, what struck me the most was what the author had to say about the film.  Devin Faraci, one of the writers on this website mentioned that he spoke with a few people who have already screened the film.  Faraci explains in his article that everyone he spoke with said relatively the same things and everything has pointed toward the film being great.

Some of the reports he heard from those people who were lucky enough to see it, mentioned how the film is confirmed as a direct sequel to  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  and that fans do not have to worry about the movie being Captain America centered.  The film focuses primarily on Steve and Bucky’s relationship moving forward.  This was something that the Russo brothers have been very clear about and fans should be satisfied with it.

The report also acknowledges the big additions to both Spider-Man and Black Panther in the MCU claiming that Black panther “is phenomenal and that Chadwick Boseman is a major addition to the MCU.”  This should come as no surprise that Black Panther will be one of the major players in Marvel’s Phase 3 since he will be starring in a film of his own on July 6, 2018.

Faraci also states that Spider-Man’s role is also great and that the film “doesn’t waste any time on retelling his origin.”  This is fantastic news to hear at least in my opinion.  I mean do we really need another retelling of the Spider-Man origin story?  Clearly, we don’t and with so many characters packed into this movie, there really isn’t any time to do so anyways.

The article also talks about a few things we already knew going in from recent reports.  Faraci says that “the last half hour of the film is brutal, both physically and emotionally.”  We heard reports saying this movie will be very emotional and clearly the bar has been raised extremely high.  The movie will be showing the Avengers fighting amongst each other so it should come as no surprise that the movie will tug at our heart strings and that we shouldn’t be surprised if there are a few deaths as well.

However there was one MAJOR quote I took from this article which was that this film will play out as an “emotional horror film.”  The full quote is as follows:

“One person told me that the last act plays out as an emotional horror movie because the film gives both Tony and Steve solid reasoning, and because it truly makes you feel the depths of this schism.”

An emotional horror film?  What could this possibly mean?  Well, let me explain what I believe the Russo brothers are intending to accomplish here…

Listed below are a few horror films that I picked out that get you emotionally invested into the main characters.  I will be diving into SPOILER territory here so if you haven’t seen these horror films, then please skip ahead or read at your own discretion.

‘The Mist’

While not a great horror film by any means, what this film does do well is get you to become emotionally invested with the characters.  The film centers around a small town of people where they have to work together to survive against what lurks in the mist.  The movie centers around a father (played by Thomas Jane) and his young son who struggle to survive with the angry patrons who are all hiding inside of a grocery store.

The movie does a great job making the audience feel awfully bad for most of the people including the father and the son.  The finale of the film is however tragic.  After a few of the survivors including the son and his dad make it out of the store, they realize that they have run out of options.  They have nowhere to go and notice the creatures lurking in the mist surrounding them.  With a few bullets left in his gun,  Thomas Jane’s character David decides that all hope is lost for any saving grace and decides to kill all the remaining survivors in his car including his own son.

While having no bullets left to take his own life, David rushes out of the car screaming at the monsters to kill him.  With no answer David notices the mist beginning to dissolve and sees the United States army slowly arriving at their destination.  David is torn apart having just killed all those people he brought with him including his own son.  The film ends on a very depressing note with David being the only survivor.

‘I Am Legend’

While this film may not be categorized as a natural ‘horror movie,’ this movie does however have many horror elements.  The movie focuses on its lead character named Robert Neville played by the often quoted “Ah hell no!” actor Will Smith.  The movie does a fantastic job giving us the disheartening backstory of our main protagonist.  Dr. Robert Neville currently lives in the isolated streets of downtown Manhattan trying to find a cure to the measles virus outbreak which took place more than three years ago.  Originally created to find a cure for cancer, the virus quickly spread and began to mutate humans who were affected by it.

Those affected by the virus have turned into zombie-like monsters known as the Darkseekers.  Neville is tasked to survive on this island along with his dog Sam to try and create a cure for this virus. Unfortunately for Neville, the challenge proves too great as he eventually loses his only friend in his dog Sam and she gets bit by a few dogs who were infected by the virus.  Neville has no choice but to kill his partner with his bare hands after learning that his anti-virus didn’t work on her.  It’s an emotional moment for sure and a scene that is very hard to watch especially if you’re a dog lover.

The ending is also very emotional when Neville finally meets human survivors.  However, when confronted by the Darkseekers towards the final act of the film, Neville is forced to sacrificing himself to allow the woman and child to escape the island with the cure he handed to them.  All of his hard work finally paid off but it still came with the cost of his own life.

The Fly’

Seth Brundle (played by the great Jeff Goldblum), is fascinated with making new inventions.  His latest project involves teleportation.  Dr. Brundle is tasked with creating a means by sending one object from one location to another using ‘telepods.’  His initial test involved a baboon which unfortunately proved fatal as it turned the creatures entire body inside out upon arrival into the other pod.  Another attempt with a second baboon proves successful this time around and Seth celebrates with his friend Veronica who develops a romantic relationship with him.

Still not having given up, Brundle decides to place himself into the pod to see if it would work successfully on a human.  The test proves successful as his entire cells are transferred to the other telepod leaving no trace of any after effects.  Or so he thought.  Unbeknownst to him, a harmless housefly made its way into the machine which merged the fly’s DNA with Brundles.  Brundle’s body slowly begins a painful transformation.  He notices hairs growing on his body in strange places along with his skin becoming more frail until he eventually turns into a monstrous creature.

The final act of the film is nothing short of frightening.  Dr. Brundle has undergone some very unfortunate changes to his body all because a housefly snuck itself into the pod right before he tried it on himself.  The resulting effects proved costly as there was no way to reverse the transformation. Brundle has now fully transformed into the monstrous creature and can no longer live a normal life. Left with death as the only option, Brundle slowly makes his way to a shotgun that was left on the ground from a previous scuffle.  With no fingers on his hands, Brundle uses his now claws to hoist the gun up to his face looking at Veronica begging to put him out of his misery.  Veronica left with no other option pulls the trigger and the film concludes with the death of Dr. Brundle as the Fly.

Now you may be asking yourself what these horror films I listed above have anything to do with Captain America: Civil War  and you’d be right with asking such a question.  The point I’m trying to make here is that we are in for a very brutal, depressing, and overly emotional roller coaster ride that is in this upcoming Marvel film.  This will be a Marvel film we have never witnessed before that will get us so emotionally involved that it will feel like a ‘horror’ story in tone only.

No there won’t be any gore or foul language of any kind (of course Cap would have a few things to say about that anyways), but this movie will clearly make us become emotionally involved.  I believe that all indications here point towards the death of Captain America.  He’s been a beloved hero by many and this film is going to continue his story arc perhaps to a merciless end.  The three horror films I mentioned above met the ends of characters we became attached to starting with the movies opening acts.

Captain America’s character won’t be any different.  We have already invested a lot of time with him starting with his first solo outing in  Captain America: The First Avenger.  We have seen this character grow becoming everything he stood for since the beginning.  He has established himself as a natural born leader and continues to fight those who stand against him even if it’s his own allies.  Steve Rogers stands for what’s right and will be facing his toughest challenge yet as an honorary Avenger.

We will be watching both sides of the argument as promised by the Russo brothers.  The audience will feel and understand Tony’s as well as Steve’s perspectives on the issue of superhero accountability.  We are in for a rough ride and if it’s any indication already, we will be seeing quite a few deaths in this film with one possibly being the Avenger who represents the United States of America.  An ’emotional horror movie?’  Yep, this is definitely a phrase we shouldn’t be taking lightly.

Captain America: Civil War  will be released in theaters on May 6!  How excited are you for this movie? Do you believe it will play out as an emotional horror film?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and please share!

Sources: BirthMoviesDeath.com




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