Everyone Relax! Spider-Man WILL Appear in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

“United we stand.  Divided we fall.”

I know I know.  I hear all those crying voices shouting at me right now.  “We already know Spider-Man is in ‘Civil War’ dumb-ass! Tom Holland is playing the character.”  Yes, I do know that but I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining that we still have not been given a photo or scene showing Marvel’s newest Avenger to the team.  The majority of the public seemed to think for sure that we would get our first glimpse at the wall crawling hero in the ‘Civil War’ Super Bowl spot.  Well, that unfortunately didn’t happen and to some fans they felt disgusted.  

Captain America: Civil War  will pit our favorite Avengers against one another in an all out war for the ages.  Tony Stark’s team will be facing Captain America’s team as the two go at it over differences of opinion regarding the Sokovia Accords.  The Super Bowl (yay Denver!) provided us lots of fan fair specifically for the movie audience.  Those in attendance fixating their eyes on the television screen encountered numerous thirty second teaser trailers throughout the duration of the game.  One of the trailers specifically featured the upcoming film  Captain America: Civil War.  And everyone who saw, should not be disappointed.

If you haven’t seen it yet check it below!  

The films’ Super Bowl spot has answered some of the questions that have piqued our interest from the audience including who is fighting on Team Cap as well as Team Stark?  The brief thirty second tease gave us an indication regarding the stakes that have been set.  Both teams are not afraid to fight one another as this film is basically friend against friend, partner against partner, and brother against brother.

One of the concerns that fans have had is that we have yet to see any marketing on the new Spider-Man who is soon to be played by the young and upcoming actor Tom Holland.  Many speculated that there would at least be a tease of the new Peter Parker simply because of how expensive these thirty second commercials are for the Super Bowl.  Companies pay millions upon millions of dollars to have their film or commercial aired on television.

‘Civil Wars’ tv spot was brilliantly portrayed.  It had everything you could ask for except for maybe one thing and that was our first look at the new Spider-Man.  Was this a missed opportunity for Disney to promote their film?  Well, let’s take a look at some of their most recent marketing on two of their films.  The two films that come to mind include  Avengers: Age of Ultron  and  Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  

Avengers: Age of Ultron  featured one of Marvel’s most powerful allies in Paul Bettany’s character of the Vision.  If you recall, the very first time we even saw the Vision wasn’t until the last trailer which debuted roughly one month before the film was released in theaters.  Check out the pics below:

And even that is being gracious considering all we see is part of his face.  Vision also found himself on some of the posters every so often but barely noticeable to the naked eye.  Here are some of the posters that were released prior to the trailer:

Both of these posters were given to us about a month before the release of the final trailer.

As we know from watching the film, the Vision was a central character to the films’ plot.  He was created by Ultron using the membranes of Tony Stark’s AI J.A.R.V.I.S. and was intended to become Ultron’s permanent body.  Unfortunately for him, the Avengers had other plans and stole the body from Ultron thus creating a new Avenger to fight for the team.

The Vision was definitely one of the highlights for the film.  Even though he didn’t appear until about three quarters of the way through, his presence was felt.  He was not highly marketed and for good reason.  The director Joss Whedon did the best he could to let the audience know that Vision would surely be in the film even though he wasn’t shown until the very last trailer.  Whedon did not want to spoil the surprise for fans of the character even though Vision is not one of the more recognizable comic book characters to the general movie going audience.

Paul Bettany played the role extremely well and will continue to be a presence in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War  film.  This just goes to show that the marketing team did a good job sprinkling the character in for advertising even though fans already expected the character in the film.

Another example of clever marketing came recently in the form of Luke Skywalker in  Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  

Where is Luke Skywalker?

That was the biggest question heading into Episode VII.  Even the very first text scroll from the film told us that: “Luke Skywalker has vanished…”  This immediately set the tone and fans were locked in immediately after the first sentence.

As all of us know, Luke was NEVER shown in any of the films’ marketing unless you count the scene below:

No poster, no tv spots, and no dialogue (except from the teaser trailer and those lines didn’t end up in the movie anyways).  Disney didn’t need to market Luke Skywalker at at all.  It surely would have spoiled the surprise even at the very end of the film.  Plus marketing Skywalker would have taken some of the spotlight away from the newer characters including Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey, and Captain Phasma (what a wasted character!).

Spider-Man should be the icing the cake.  Don’t take the spotlight away from the other Avengers. This is a Captain America story after all.

Comparing Luke Skywalker to the Vision would be unfair simply because the Vision had more to do and was a big part to the plot of the film.  Luke on the other hand didn’t appear until the very end but that didn’t stop fans from speculating how big or how small of a role he would have in Episode VII.

When I saw Luke appear at the end of the film, tears of joy streaked down my face.  Luke is most certainly one of the greatest and most recognizable characters in the  Star Wars  universe and the entire saga heavily involves the Skywalker family starting with Anakin.  It truly is the Skywalker story.

Disney has done a tremendous job in the marketing department for their films.  I love going into films knowing very little of the plot.  It helps me keep my expectations low and savor the moment when we see the character we were waiting patiently for.  Spider-Man is no exception to this.  I really hope they keep the marketing down to a minimum for this character.

While it would make sense for Marvel to showcase one of the more popular Marvel characters, it could spoil a great surprise for the movie.  I wouldn’t mind them showing us Peter Parker and maybe a glimpse of him holding his costume, but I’d rather not see his costume at all until the movie is released.

I cannot be more excited for this film than I already am.  One more trailer showing us the villains this time around would be nice.  We already know the movie focuses mostly on the Avengers but there are villains who have to be dealt with and those include Cross Bones and the lead villain Baron Zemo played by Daniel Brühl.  We shouldn’t have to wait long to see those two in action.  The first official trailer should do just fine.  Captain America: Civil War  will be released in theaters on May 6 everywhere!

So what are your opinions on the marketing that Disney has done thus far?  Do you like how they are keeping everything on the down low or do you prefer going into the theater knowing specifics?  I’d like to hear your thoughts below and please share!





2 thoughts on “Everyone Relax! Spider-Man WILL Appear in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

  1. When it comes to marketing Disney doesnt really need to much. So many people are giving it free PR that it doesnt really make a difference. It is clever to keep people in suspense because it brings more speculation. Either way theres still going to be a massive amount of people going to see it, myself included. Personally I’d rather go in to a movie without knowing much about it. It ruins the experience if you know too much.


    • I absolutely agree with you. The less marketing the better. Marvel’s track record for great films is fantastic. They haven’t really put out a terrible film. My least favorite is Iron-Man 2 but that’s still a very watchable film. When you have the cast as big in Captain America: Civil War then everyone will surely go see it without a doubt.


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