5 BIG Reveals in the First ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer

“Hello boys, I’m Baaacccckkk!!!!!”

Roland Emmerichs’ 1996  Independence Day  brought us groundbreaking technology, fantastic action set pieces, and many scenes that have stood the test of time.  Emmerich is known highly for disaster flicks such as  The Day After Tomorrow, 2012,  and of course  Independence Day.  He has also directed some other films like  The Patriot, Stargate,  and the 1998 movie  Godzilla.  The acclaimed director has proven himself worthy of good exciting films.  Independence Day  is by far one of my personal favorite films of the 1990’s.  It holds a special place in my heart and help made Will Smith a star in Hollywood after both of his  Bad Boys  films.  

I was not looking forward to this film when it was announced a few years ago.  It also initially had a really bad title like  ID4-Ever  or something like that.  However all of my expectations immediately changed after watching the first official trailer for  Independence Day: Resurgence.  If I could have painted a bleak picture of what I thought the film would have been about, this trailer was it.  It was SO well done touching on all the major points fans of the first film enjoyed.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch it please do it’s a very good trailer:

The trailer has a lot to love.  If you were a fan of the original  Independence Day,  this trailer will surely strike a few chords in the right spots.  It has everything you could want in a trailer with breathtaking visuals, amazing actors, and awesome action sequences.  I now cannot wait for this film but until then, here are “5 BIG Reveals in the First  Independence Day: Resurgence  Trailer.”  

#1. The Humans have used Alien Technology to Strengthen their Weapons

“I spent twenty years trying to get us ready for this.  We used their technology to strengthen our planet.  But it won’t be enough.”

Why waste this alien tech when we can harness it for ourselves?  Ian Malcom err I mean David Levinson, knew this day would come.  After the fat lady sang during the destruction of the mother ship, all the rest of the alien ships were destroyed and therefore crash landed on the earth.  The government didn’t waste any time wanting to learn more about the advanced technology so they were able to utilize their resources and improve our own tech.

We learned in the first film that Area 51 housed three aliens that were found from Roswell, New Mexico in the year 1947.  The government also concealed one of their alien ships which was eventually used for David and Steve to implant the nuclear weapon inside of the mother ship.  The government took advantage of the resources and have put it to good use.  Now that the world is aware of these aliens, the government has nothing to hide from them.  They have spent the last twenty years preparing for another invasion and unfortunately it is all happening once again.

#2.  Former President Thomas J. Whitmore is having Nightmares 

“I see them, in my dreams.  They’re coming back.”

This scene is reminiscent of a scene that took place in the first film.  After the alien autopsy had gone wrong, the alien once thought dead was alive and began attacking the scientists in the laboratory. The alien was also able to infiltrate the mind of Whitmore and thus understood their plans. Whitmore mentioned how the species are like locusts where they travel from planet to planet destroying life and harvesting the resources for future use.

Even after twenty years later, Whitmore is still having nightmares of them coming back and is now about to come true.  Since he had some kind of connection with one of the aliens, the other aliens must know that and are able to send him a signal.  Something tells me that the aliens want Whitmore to know they are arriving and are ready to once again disintegrate the earth.

#3.  The Action and Special Effects will be Spectacular

“That is definitely bigger than the last one.”

Since this is a Rolland Emmerich film, we can at least expect this film to be visually stunning.  Even if you don’t like all of his films, you have to at least admit that he is a director that never fails in the visual department.  Another director for me that comes to mind is Ridley Scott.  While not all of his films are great or even good for that matter, Scott at least will make sure that his films are worth seeing on the big screen since they look amazing.  Emmerich is the same way.  The story may lack as well as the pacing of the film, but we can’t tell ourselves that the film won’t at the very least look stunning.

Since this film will have come out a good twenty years after the original, Emmerich now has better technology at his disposal to make his films really pop and  Independence Day: Resurgence  will be no exception.  The ships look more clear and the action looks incredible from the brief glimpses we are given.  Hopefully the story will make sense but we can surely go in the theaters knowing the movie will be beautiful to look at.

#4.  Most of the Original Cast Will be Back 

With the exception of Will Smith the majority of the famed cast will return for the sequel.  Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, Judd Hirsch, and Brent Spiner, are all returning to take down some alien ass.  Will Smith is the biggest name NOT to reappear.  One of the main reasons was budget issues.  However, they were able to slightly explain what happened to Steven Hiller in the past twenty years using a viral marketing campaign called the ‘War of 1996.’  If you’d like to find out more about Hiller’s death you can click right here.

It is rather unfortunate that they could not bring back all of the stars from the original film.  Smith’s character played a vital role in taking down the alien mother ship at the conclusion of the movie.  The chemistry between Goldblum’s character and Smith’s character was done very well.  I’m sure the movie will explain it more in detail.  After all, his wife (Vivica A. Fox) and son (played by actor Jessie Usher) will star in the film so it would make sense if they at least touched on it.

The addition of William Fichtner however makes me excited.  Fichtner is one of the most underrated actors today.  He kills it in every role he is in.  Even if the film is bad, Fichtner delivers the goods.  Films like  Armageddon, The Perfect Storm, Black Hawk Down, Drive Angry,  and  The Dark Knight  shows us the talent Fichtner brings to the big screen.  It does not matter the size of his role because Fichtner gives us his best every time.

#5.  It will have a ‘Star Wars’ Like Spectacle 


Now here me out on this one.  I am NOT trying to compare this film to any of the  Star Wars  films. However, what I am saying is that there are a few scenes evocative to some of the scenes seen in Star Wars  specifically the space battles.

From the few shots we see in this trailer, the space battles look like they are trying to capture that Star Wars  tone.  The quick glimpses in the trailer tells us that there will be a lot in store for viewers to enjoy.  Since the majority of the action took place on earth in the last film, this movie appears that we are bringing the battle to them.  The humans may be more on the offensive this time around since we know the destruction they have caused us the last time they said hello to planet earth.  Humanity HAS to be on the offensive to try to prevent this destruction from happening again.  But according to David our technology “won’t be enough.”         

The film will no doubt give us an epic finale.  It will take more than a computer virus to take down this bigger mother ship that’s for damn sure.  What I don’t want to see is a rehash of the original ending.  I do not want to see that the plan is to once again take down this mother ship which will in turn destroy the other smaller ships from blowing up large cities.

I have faith in Rolland Emmerich to deliver us a fun and entertaining film.  If he can give us the magic that was the first  Independence Day  and not reuse some of the same plot points, then we should all be in for an enjoyable bombastic film.

Are you excited for Emmerich’s latest crack at an  Independence Day  sequel?  Sound off in the comment section below and please share!

Sources:  Comicbook.com.




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