5 Reason’s to be VERY Worried about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

BvS 12

I’m sure by now that you have witnessed the latest trailer for  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which debuted Wednesday night on  Jimmy Kimmel Live.   There’s been mixed reactions from the trailer thus far.  Some people say they utterly HATE it, whereas others say they aren’t too sure what to think.  I stand somewhere in the middle however I have more negatives for this trailer than positive.  Just to be clear, I REALLY enjoyed the previous two trailers released this year but this one was disappointing to me.  I felt they gave us way too much on the plot especially with the reveal of a certain creature at the end of the trailer.  With all that said, I am VERY worried now from what I saw in this latest trailer.  I will not go on a full tangent but I will give you my reactions to this trailer.  Here are my “5 Reasons to be VERY Worried about  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”   But before you continue reading, check out the trailer down below:

#1.  Lex Luthor’s Cartoony Character

BvS 7

“Boys! Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent.  I love it! I love bringing people together!  How are we? Hi! Hello, Lex it is a pleasure. Ow! That is a good grip. You should not pick a fight with this person.”


Seriously? That’s the Lex Luthor we’re getting? Look, I was not on board with Eisenberg having signed on to play Luthor in the first place.  However, I initially gave him the benefit of the doubt.  I actually didn’t mind some of the notable lines he made in previous trailers such as, “Black and blue. God vs man. Day vs night” and that “Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky.”   Even the newest trailer gave us some great quotes like, “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Son of Krypton vs bat of Gotham!” and “If man won’t kill God.  The Devil will do it!”

I am definitely a person who does not judge a book by it’s cover or in this case a trailer for the movie. But what I have seen thus far from the Man of Steel’s primary antagonist, is disappointing.  This trailer establishes the fact that Jesse Eisenberg is playing Jesse Eisenberg.  What I feared from his character at the beginning has now been confirmed.  Eisenberg appears to be playing this jokey clown snot-nosed brat that is Lex Luthor and thus far I am not a fan of it.  As I said earlier, I will judge the film AFTER it comes out but what I see of this character is not Luthor but rather Jim Carrey’s version of The Riddler from  Batman Forever.  

#2. Are They Honestly Introducing Hints Towards a Future Villain Already?

BvS 18

It’s been heavily speculated that the desert scenes we’ve seen in both of these trailers are possibly dream sequences experienced by Bruce Wayne.  It wouldn’t make sense to see Superman portray himself as evil while having his own personal soldiers accompany him in battle.  This sequence has now become even more twisted as we see a bunch of flying creatures take over the entire screen. But what the heck are these things and why are they relevant to Batman’s dream?  Well, it most likely has to do with DC’s powerhouse of a villain known as Darkseid.

For those of you who may/may not know who the character Darkseid is, he is basically Marvel’s version of the all-powerful Thanos.  Darkseid is a character who rules on the planet named Apokolips while enslaving people to do his bidding.  These slaves eventually become these flying creatures called the Parademons.  They are primarily used to maintain order on his planet of Apokolips.  These creatures are pawns for Apokolips and can use them in the heat of a battle.

Now why could I possibly have a problem with Snyder introducing us to these demonic beings in this movie?  Well the answer is fairly simple.  DC is clearly trying to establish their large cinematic universe in possibly ONE film.  Unlike Marvel where all of their solo hero films came out before The Avengers,  DC is playing catch up and is taking the opposite approach.  They are willing to introduce these characters first in a big movie, then give them all a spin-off film (with the exception for  Man of Steel.)  

This movie will already have Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman fighting together in the end. However, there are also rumors that Cyborg, Aquaman, and possibly the Flash will make cameo appearances in the film.  By adding future hints of Darkseid or the planet Apokolips can certainly overcrowd DC’s second film in this new universe.  What these creatures have to do with Batman’s supposed dream is beyond me but if this is meant to suggest that Darkseid is upon them, this can become very confusing to your not so typical comic book movie fan.  I may know who the Parademons are as well as Darkseid and Apokolips but will the general movie going audience understand?  My bets say no.

#3.  Where did Wonder Woman come from?

BvS 27

Diana Prince makes her brief appearance at the very end of this trailer.  Why is this a problem you ask?  Well, it appears as though this is the first time both Batman AND Superman see her in action. Right after she deflects Doomsdays’ atomic blast (I’ll get to him in a bit), Batman and Superman question each other saying, “She with you? I thought she was with you?”

BvS 28

Wonder Woman’s appearance worries me here mainly because it looks as though they just shoehorned her into Act III of the movie.  Since Batman and Superman didn’t see Doomsdays’ attack coming, Diana was there to save the day and use her shield to deflect the blast.  Her role is still clearly an unknown even though we know she will appear as Diana earlier in the film when we saw her from the previous trailer wearing multiple dresses.  But what seems clear to me is that her character arc will not have been completely developed and appears out of place.

What also worries me about her character is that we still have yet to hear a line spoken from actress Gal Gadot.  Is director Zack Snyder hiding something from us?  It’s tough to tell but for me it raises a red flag.

#4.  What ever happened to DC’s ‘No Jokes Policy?’

BvS 29

Now understand that I for one don’t mind hearing a few jokes here and there.   But in a DC film? That’s mutiny!  Not quite but what I am saying is that the film appears to possibly be more comedic than most of us may have thought.  I’ve already touched on Luthor’s annoying mannerisms but the scene at the end shows that there will be humor in this movie.  How much at this point remains uncertain however this goes against DC’s ‘No Jokes Policy’ that was mentioned by Hitflix.com.

DC tried some witty banter with 2011’s  Green Lantern  starring Ryan Reynolds as the CGI’d costumed hero (and we saw how that all worked out).  The film was clearly a disappointment so DC decided to stick with what worked in the past and most of that success came directly from Christopher Nolan’s version of the Dark Knight.  Sure there were a few laughs here and there from these films but they certainly weren’t similar to any of the Marvel films in terms of tone.

DC clearly wants to refrain from the jokes that the Marvel films possess however Lex’s cartoony portrayal is anything but.  Plus there are hints that Batman and Superman might start cracking jokes after having fought a tough battle between each other (lets hope not).  They are certainly not going all out Marvel on the jokes but it is a little worrisome when some of the jokes and banter appear in a official trailer.

#5.  Is THAT Supposed to be DOOMSDAY?

BvS 24

“What the hell is that?” was my immediate response after having seen Doomsday for the first time.  I don’t know about you but this incarnation of Doomsday reminds me of a few other characters or creatures we’ve seen from previous films…

Look familiar?

How about this character?

Or maybe this one?

I have to say that from the brief shot we get of Doomsday, I am not a fan of his look.  I mean the three photos above look similar to the monster.  Isn’t Doomsday supposed to have these massive spikes protruding out from under his skin?  I mean clearly he has the spikes but they’re not noticeable enough.  It’s possible Doomsday becomes more powerful as the battle rages on therefore enlarging his physique but for now, I do not like his look.  Couldn’t Snyder have made Doomsday similar to his comic book counterpart?:

Is it that difficult to have Doomsday actually look the part?  Apparently so, and for that I am HIGHLY disappointed in Snyder’s portrayal of the character.  Hopefully Snyder will give this character justice even if the creature is directly created from Zod’s corpse.

Understand that I am NOT hating on this film by any means.  I really want this film to be good but some of the things that I initially worried about going in have now come to fruition.  The whole entire Batman v Superman aspect of it looks incredible.  The dialogue between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent is tremendous.  I especially like the line that Batman says to Superman: “It’s time you learn what it means to be a man.”  Superman replies stating, “Stay down!  If I wanted it, you’d be dead already.”

There’s a lot to like from this trailer and also a lot to dislike.  I unfortunately fall under the dislike category but this doesn’t completely change my perception of the film.  However, it certainly answers a few of my concerns even though it’s not for the better.

So what did you like/dislike about the newest  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  trailer?  I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below and please share!

-Photos courtesy of  Slashfilm.com.



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