5 Fascinating Reveals from the Newest ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ International Trailer


Star Wars: The Force Awakens  will be coming faster than the Millennium Falcon entering hyperspace.  Well, that’s not entirely true but it will be in theaters in less than six weeks!  But Disney and Lucasfilm already know that our mouths are drooling for anything leading up to the movies release date.  That’s why they were generous enough to release another early Christmas present in the form of another brand new trailer.  This trailer was released specifically for Japanese audiences as the trailer includes Japanese subtitles.  If you haven’t seen it yet what are you waiting for!  Check it below:  

This trailer features quite a few new scenes from the upcoming film.  The trailer is a bit shorter than the theatrical one released on Monday Night Football.  The trailer gives us more footage featuring Rey, BB-8, and Finn.  There’s not to much to digest from this trailer however there are a few scenes that have stood out.  So here are “5 Fascinating Reveals from the Newest  Star Wars: The Force Awakens  International Trailer.”

#1.  The TIE FightersScreenshot-5

Disney is selling the crap out of the TIE fighters.  Every frame and every shot we have seen from these fighters have given us that ominous presence of the First Order.  Even though these fighters have been used primarily as pawns in battle for the former Galactic Empire, it now looks as though the First Order will be strategically using them when called upon.  We have heard the TIE fighter screech and laser cannons multiple times in each trailer and this recent one is no different.  Other than the Death Star, the TIE fighter has been the symbol of the Empire for years.  They will clearly have a HUGE presence in this film.

#2.  Introducing the Flame TrooperScreenshot-6

The storm trooper, the scout trooper, and the snow trooper.  All these troopers have shaped the meaning of the Galactic Empire.  Now, we have a new class of troopers and this one packs quite the heat.  We see what looks to be a type of village burning down at the hands of Kylo Ren and his troops.  The camera pans over the Flame Trooper as he reluctantly sets part of the village ablaze. You do no want to trifle with these troopers that’s for sure.

#3.  Chewie Blows Something Up!Screenshot-13

Leave it to Chewie to get things done!  In a brief second, we see Chewbacca press down on a button which looks like a trigger used to detonate a bomb.  The next shot (which we’ve seen from the last trailer) shows the inside of a ship exploding in a blaze of fire.  Whether this is actually from the work of Chewie we can’t be certain.  (If you listen closely, you can hear the famous Wilhelm scream right when it blows up).  However, as we know from the previous films that Wookiees are known to be sly and make quick use of their enemies.  Wookiees are smart and wise and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done.  Chewie looks like he will have a big presence in the film much like he did in the original trilogy.  Just expect his favorite pal Han Solo to be there every step of the way.

#4.  What is up with Rey’s Staff?Screenshot-12

But no really what is the mysterious meaning behind this staff that Rey has been holding onto throughout the trailers?  Unfortunately we still don’t have an answer for this (much like the other hundred questions we’ve been asking).  It must be crucial to the plot and may be the reason why the First Order is after her.  It’s been rumored that Kylo Ren is after these “relics” or “artifacts” that have potential power.  We have seen in these trailers that he somehow retrieves the burnt mask of Darth Vader as well as salvaging what looks to be Luke’s original lightsaber.  Eventually the lightsaber ends up in the hands of Finn thus setting off a lightsaber battle between Finn and Kylo Ren.  These relics will be crucial to the story and will most likely be the focus of the film.

#5.  Kylo Ren Intimidates ReyScreenshot-14

This is clearly the money shot throughout the entire trailer.  The look on Rey’s face shows us a sense of fear.  I mean I probably would be terrified also if I had a cross guarded lightsaber near my face! Fans are still wondering if these two characters are in fact blood related.  Whether they are brother and sister or simply cousins, what is certain here is that both of these characters will clash at some point in the film.  I have a feeling this clash will not be family friendly.  This is probably the first of many meetings between the two of them as the story moves forward.  Rey is clearly the central figure of this new trilogy and I cannot wait to find out more about her origin as we get closer to the movies’ release.

Well there you have it.  Those are five fascinating reveals from the newest  Star Wars The Force Awakens  trailer that I noticed.  What other parts of the trailer stood out to you?  Which trailer did you like better?  I’d like to hear your thoughts below and please share!

Pictures courtesy from StarWarsNews.Net.


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