5 Haunted Houses ‘Universal Studios’ Should Create Based on These Films

Halloween Horror Nights  has been a staple for Universal Studios since 1991.  This year marks the 25th anniversary for Universal Studios Orlando  Halloween Horror Nights.  Jack the Clown is back as he was the first mascot to represent this featured event.  I had the pleasure to go twice this year making sure I completed EVERY haunted house experience.  As much as I enjoyed myself, I realize that there are quite a few films that I believe Universal could create a disturbing haunted house to walk through.  With all that said, here are “5 Haunted Houses Universal Studios Should Create Based on These Films.”

#5.  Poltergeist

Poltergeist  has been haunting our dreams ever since that damn clown had to scare the sh** out of us. This film has everything going for it to be in a haunted house.  It’s got of course that creepy lanky armed clown, that ghoulish looking tree that attacks the little boy in the bedroom, and that giant ghost-like creature that grabs the family to bring them into a portal of death.  There’s also the scene where the kitchen’s chairs, tables, silverware, glasses, and plates begin to move around by ghosts. This film would no doubt make a great house considering it is a cult classic and a lot of fans would appreciate it if Universal gave it justice.

#4.  The Exorcist

Considered to be one of the scariest (if not the scariest) horror film of all time,  The Exorcist  would also make a great haunted house attraction.  This house would be a little difficult to pull off considering the film mostly focuses on a small child.  I’m not saying we actually need children to act for this house but to have team members (as they call them at Universal) who can pose as a young child would be a great way to pull off this house.  There are plenty of scenes to take from this film including the barf scene, the bed shaking scene, “the power of Christ compel’s you scene,” or even more subtle scenes such as when the girl and her mother both play with a Ouija board.  Universal could get very creative and make this house very eerie with the chilling soundtrack played throughout.

#3.  Alfred Hitchcock Films

If you went to  Halloween Horror Nights  in the fall of 2011, you might realize why I’m including more than one film from one of the greatest horror/suspense directors of all time.  I mean he’s not called the “Master of Suspense” for no reason.  If you recall, there was a haunted house that was very memorable that year called  Nevermore: The Madness of Poe.  This house was remarkably done and considered to be one of the best houses at  Halloween Horror Nights  that year.  The house consisted of scenes from his short stories and his poems including  The Tell Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendelum, The Masque of the Red Death, The Black Cat,  and of course  The Raven.  The house was fantastically crafted and was honestly an art from start to finish.  If you read any or all of those books, you would have deeply appreciated what you witnessed as you walked through the house.

Hitchcocks’ films would be a great way to showcase some of his notable films including  The Birds, North by Northwest, Vertigo, Rear Window,  and his most famous being  Psycho.  Now I do realize that Universal used to have an attraction specifically geared towards Hitchcock filmmaking called Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies.  This allowed audiences to experience the making of some of his films including being a part of that infamous shower scene from  Psycho.  If they could somehow bring this attraction back and turn it into a haunted house, that would make my night.

#2.  The ShiningThis film is honestly one of my all time favorite horror films.  Surprisingly the entire film is almost two and half hours but yet it doesn’t even feel like it.  There is not a dull moment in the film from start to finish.  I could quote this film over and over again because it’s so memorable.   The Shining  brought out the very best from Jack Nicholson as he gave a brilliant performance as Jack Torrance, the winter caretaker.  He was asked by the chief of the Overlook Hotel to watch over the hotel from October through May which would allow him and his family some peace and quiet especially for Jack. However, nothing goes according to plan as Jack finds out that the original caretaker killed his family and his ghost lurks throughout the hotel.  The ghosts finally catch up with Jack and make him a crazy killing machine.

The house Universal could make here would have to be the most popular scenes from the film such as the dead twins, the ghosts dancing in the ballroom, Jack getting a drink at the bar, the famous maze, and of course Jack running around with an axe to kill his family.  We would have to hear some of his most famous phrases said by the actors from the film including “Wendy, I’m home,” “Danny I’m coming!”, and the most famous quote “Here’s Johnny!”  If the actors could pull this off, that would be incredible and could potentially make a tremendous haunted house.

#1.  Alien         

The bread and butter of a great haunted house is right here.  The tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream” is arguably the greatest movie tagline of all time.  This film is in my top ten of ALL TIME. Not just horror, but films in general.  The feeling of being claustrophobic in a ship complete with an alien that is trying to KILL you is the right ingredients for a haunted house.  I realize that they had a house last year called  AVP: Alien vs Predator,  however, I want to see a house that can resemble the famous ship called The Nostromo.  There are so many scenes they could easily take from the very first movie.  From the chest burst scene to the scenes where the Alien pops out of nowhere and kills the crew,  Alien  has much to offer.  The cast could easily play and look like part of the crew from the first film as Ellen Ripley fights to keep herself alive, only this time the Guest’s walking through must try and “survive.”

These are just five of the films that I feel should be utilized in a future  Halloween Horror Nights event. What film/s would you like to see Universal craft as their next haunted house adventure?  I’d like to hear your thoughts below and please share!


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