Who Will Survive in David Ayers’ ‘Suicide Squad?’

Suicide Squad  will be the very first super-villain team up film to be shown on the big screen.  There has been a lot of hype for this film especially after the Comic Con trailer was leaked online. Thankfully, Warner Bros. decided to release the trailer and boy were we in for a real treat.  The clear stand out of the trailer was of course Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  Seeing her hang around while hearing her screeching voice sounds like she was born for this role.  We also can’t forget the glimpse of Jared Leto’s Joker towards the conclusion of the trailer.  Everything we’ve seen and heard about his incarnation of the Joker has been nothing but positive.  

While this was only a teaser, this trailer gave us just enough of a taste of what to expect for this movie.  It’s going to be VERY dark and will be interesting to watch how the villains interact with each other.  They will be sent out on missions by Amanda Waller who does not play games and is strictly using them for “suicidal” missions whether they accomplish their assignments or not.  With that being said, we can expect that not all of these members will be alive by the end of the movie.  There are quite a few that will definitely make it all the way through however there are others who won’t be so lucky.  So the real question is, “Who will survive in David Ayers’  Suicide Squad?”  

#1.  Jared Leto: Joker

Chance of Survival: 100%

Let’s just get this one out of the way.  There’s no way Ayer would risk killing off Batman’s arch nemesis in Leto’s very first interpretation of this Joker.  Even though Joker won’t be a part of the Suicide Squad, he will no doubt play a significant role in the story’s plot.  There’s been rumors that he will be held in jail for the majority of the film with him taking more on the role of a Hannibal Lecter like character.  If this is in fact true, then we can safely say that Joker will not be in any danger throughout the film seeing as how he is being held captive for his crimes.  He will probably escape at some point but will still make it out of this film alive and well with a little bit of insanity sprinkled in for good measure.

#2.  Margot Robbie: Harley Quinn 

Chance of Survival: 99.9%

Margot Robbie will be the very FIRST actor to take on a role who’s character wasn’t even started in the comic books.  No, the character of Dr. Harleen Quinzel actually debuted in the 1990’s  Batman: The Animated Series.  The writers wanted to create a memorable character to play alongside the Joker and man did they knock this character out of the park.  Harley Quinn is the perfect character to be a part of the Suicide Squad.  She doesn’t listen and follow orders very well which will make her a great candidate to add to Waller’s arsenal of heroes err I mean villains.  There is no doubt in my mind she will survive by the end of this film.  She cannot live without Mista J. and it would be a bummer if she bit the dust in her very first theatrical appearance.

#3.  Will Smith: Deadshot

Chance of Survival: 95%

The little known actor by the name of Will Smith should immediately tell you that he should be another character who will most likely survive.  Just by name recognition alone, Smith will definitely draw more fans to see this film.  Smith plays an assassin named Deadshot who is another one of Waller’s pawns.  Deadshot is a skilled marksman who uses his cybernetic eye to increase his accuracy.  We see Smith multiple times in the trailer through flashbacks as well as hanging around the other members of the squad.  He is pretty much a lock to survive by the end of this film.

#4.  Joel Kinnaman: Rick Flagg

Chance of Survival: 90%

Initially, Tom Hardy was supposed to play this character.  However due to scheduling conflicts, Hardy was forced to drop out of this project and Kinnaman was hired to take his place.  Rick Flagg will be the leader of this group and will also most likely be the anti-villain in the Suicide Squad.  After all, they can’t all be bad and I could see Kinnaman taking on a role such as this character.  Flagg was a former military leader and is trained in the special forces using guerrilla tactics to take down his enemies. This character may be one we could actually sympathize with especially if we find out that he was wrongly accused and is forced to go out on these suicide missions in order to lower his jail sentence. Even though Flagg isn’t one of the most recognizable characters on this list, I wouldn’t think the leader of the group would go down that easily.

#5.  Jai Courtney: Captain Boomerang

Chance of Survival: 80%

You would think that a man who throws boomerangs at his enemies for a living would make for a kooky villain.  Well, you’d be right.  However with Jai Courtney tossing around those bad boys, there’s bound to be a few laughs as I have a feeling that his character will be the comedic relief of the group. Though DC films are mostly serious in tone, there are a few elements from Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy that offered a few laughs.  Captain Boomerang should be no exception.  Seeing how Courtney is actually from Australia, it’s good to know that he will be using his real dialect in the film. This character should make him feel at home and I know that he will bring this character his due justice.

#6.  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: Killer Croc 

Chance of Survival: 75%

Killer Croc is yet another Batman villain who will make his cinematic debut next summer.  The “Hulk” of the group if you will, Killer Croc is clearly the biggest and strongest squad member on the team. No team is fully complete without someone who can break through walls and cause massive devastation around the surrounding area.  This will certainly be Croc’s primary role on the team moving forward.  His chance of survival depends on how well they utilize him in the film.

#7.  Karen Fukuhara: Katana

Chance of Survival: 70%

Katana is one of the more recognizable squad members on this list.  She is a master swordsman and a trained samurai warrior who is not afraid to fight in a one on one combat situation.  Katana’s sword also posses magic in that it is able to take people’s souls and communicate with that soul to counter her enemies.  She is a fierce fighter and will not back down from a fight.  Even though she may in fact be one of the more recognizable villains here, there’s still a chance she may not make it out alive.

#8.  Cara Delevingne: Enchantress

Chance of Survival: 60%

Enchantress will be one of the most powerful villains in this film due to her being able to use magic and sorcery.  She is capable of inflicting colossal damage to her victims by harnessing her various types of magical spells.  She is a very powerful individual and will take down any enemies headed her way.  There are a lot of rumors circulating that she may be the actual villain of the film.  There’s a good chance she is because in the trailer, we don’t ever see her interact with the other Suicide Squad members.

Supposedly the Joker has to help the team find her by offering them clues on where to find her. She’s very dangerous which there’s reason to believe she may not make it out of this film alive. However, that doesn’t mean that the demon inside of her won’t leave at some point which could possibly bring her back to her normal human life.  It’s hard to say who the villain is at this point as the next trailer should shed some light on this topic.

#9.  Jay Hernandez: El Diablo

Chance of Survival: 40%

El Diablo can handle the art of pyrokinesis which is the ability to create and manipulate fire using one’s own mind.  This member of the squad appears to be one of the more likely candidates to bite the dust.  El Diablo can fight fire with fire (literally) and will be a force to be reckoned with in a skirmish.  Since he is one of the newer members from the comics, not much is known about his origin. That being said, I could see him easily as one of the throwaway villains of the group.  The writers can’t obviously kill off to many members in the squad, however I believe he will be one of them.

#10.  Adam Beach: Slipknot

Chance of Survival: 10%

Since this is the only shot of him from the trailer, there’s reason to believe that he will not play a crucial role on this squad.  He’s most likely a disposable villain and one we won’t really care about. Slipknot (no not the band), is basically another assassin on this team like Deadshot only instead of guns being his specialty it’s actually ropes.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Since ropes are his pride and joy, I cannot see how they can possibly keep this villain moving forward.  This is clearly an expendable villain and one I am certain will perish sometime in this film.

So what do you all think?  What villain(s) do you think will make it out alive in this film?  With the film called  Suicide Squad,  there’s bound to be quite a few deaths right?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!


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