Could Baron ‘Helmut’ Zemo Become Marvel’s Smartest Movie Villain?

Captain America: Civil War,  is without question Marvel’s most anticipated upcoming feature film. With that, comes a ton of baggage.  Not only will there basically be every single superhero/heroine to date from the previous films, but will also includes the introduction of the Black Panther and a certain hero who’s in high school, can climb walls, and lives with his aunt (who could that possibly be?).

This film will kick off Marvel’s phase three slate of movies and will begin in a HUGE war.  The Civil War which will take place primarily between Tony Stark and Captain America, will tear apart our heroes as we know them.  We will be seeing two opposing teams when this movie is released:  Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man.  However, what lurks behind the scenes is what I find most intriguing and that is the presence of a certain villain who we have yet been introduced to in this cinematic universe.  The man behind the curtain would be none other than a famous Captain America foe named Baron Zemo.

Actor Daniel Brühl has been cast to play this nefarious villain and with that comes a challenge.  That challenge would be to develop his character into one of the most iconic Marvel villains in this universe.  With the exception of Loki and the Red Skull, Marvel has had more forgettable villains (ie: Malekith, Whiplash and Ronan the Accuser to name a few) than memorable ones.  We still have yet to see a good glimpse of Thanos who everyone believes will bring a solid performance from actor Josh Brolin.  That being said, Brühl is the newest actor on this list who could bring us a more notable villain in Baron Zemo.  Since he is the protagonist in  Captain America: Civil War,  Brühl will have to do the best he can trying to out shine all of the other hundred characters who are starring in the film.

Now without me going on a tangent and saying that Brühl could be giving us the greatest Marvel movie villain to date, let me just say that this is unlikely the case.  While I truly believe that Zemo is a great villain to cast for this film, the major problem that Marvel might run in to is that not a lot of people know who Baron Zemo is.

To keep it short, the comics have given us plenty of Zemo’s throughout the years.  However this Zemo will most likely NOT be the very first one.  The original Zemo was named Heinrich Zemo who was a German Nazi scientist during WWII.  His objective in the war was to create super weapons that could take down any opposing threat such as the United States.  One of Zemo’s creations was a chemical known as ‘Adhesive X’ which would be used to immobilize Allied troops in combat.  This chemical could bond with anything and was basically indissolvable.  Unfortunately for Heinrich, the chemical splashed onto his face after his fierce battle with Captain America.  His mask that he was wearing became permanently attached to his face and would therefore have to live this way for the rest of his life.  His son Helmet Zemo (who is most likely the one Daniel Brühl will be playing as), fell into a vat of boiling ‘Adhesive X’ permanently damaging his face.

Whether Brühl will be playing the father Heinrich or the son Helmet, remains to be seen.  Either way, both of these criminals wear a mask to conceal their identities to the public.  Both of these villains play a large role in the comics and have fought Captain America and his allies on numerous occasions.

Unfortunately there haven’t been much news or rumblings on this villainous character.  Like most of us writers do, we are forced to speculate with what we have learned gathering as much data from any source we can possibly get our hands on.  There have been some conjectures regarding Zemo’s motives for the upcoming film.  A few set action scenes have been leaked online with one of them in particular showing us a truck getting flipped over by a possible bomb explosion.  Check out the video below!  

anthony mackies buff biceps take over captain america set 03

The set photo above from Just Jared  shows us a view of the outside of a facility called the Institute For Infectious Diseases (IFID).  Some online news sites believe that the IFID could play a huge role in the film in some capacity.  Perhaps it could be used as a site that will be infiltrated by Zemo and his men to unleash a deadly virus on mankind.  Could the chemical ‘Adhesive X’ come into play here?  At this point no one knows for sure.  However there is one thing that could make Zemo a major threat in this film.  He could potentially have full control over the government behind the scenes (much like Alexander Pierce had for HYDRA  in  Captain America: The Winter Soldier).  

Like the Red Skull, Zemo may not have to throw a punch to accomplish whatever plans he has moving forward.  While most have speculated Cross Bones to be the main villain of the film, unfortunately that won’t be the case here.  Recently, Elizabeth Olsen who plays Scarlet Witch has confirmed that Baron Zemo would be the main antagonist in the upcoming film;  “Brühl is an incredible actor and he’s playing the main villain in it.  And he’s incredible! It’s a movie about people as opposed to robots this time. So it’s darker and it’s allowed to be darker because it gets more in the mindset of humans rather than machines.” Source:

With everything else going on in the film, I’d say Baron Zemo has his work cut out for him.  Not only will he have to deal with the governments influence over the superheroes but he will also have to deal with Team Captain America and Team Iron Man.  The good news for him is that both of these teams will be fighting each other which will allow him and his cronies to strike a major blow to the world.  Zemo has a plan even if we’re uncertain what that plan is.  With everyone becoming distracted, it allows him to come up with a devious idea and attack the heroes from the inside. There’s nothing like taking out innocent civilians which will make the heroes think twice about why they are fighting one another.

Since Tony Stark is pro-registration, the government will help play a large role for Tony Starks’ team (or so he thinks).  If Zemo is the one pulling all the strings from the very beginning, the heroes will likely find themselves in severe turmoil.  It’s going to be difficult especially for Captain America to convince Stark that this signed act on the heroes must come to an end.  Steve Rogers cares for his people and always fights for what’s right.  Expect a trailer to be released VERY soon that may or may not shed some light on this topic.

Captain America: Civil War  will be pitting hero against hero on May 6, 2016.  Are you excited for the next villain that is Baron Zemo?  Do you think he could become Marvel’s most cunning movie villain? I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below and please share!

Sources:  and  The Marvel Encyclopedia.  


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