Top 5 X-Men Villains Who Should be Utilized in Future Films

Over the years there have been numerous X-Men villains to hit the big screen.  Some of the most notable X-Men villains that have been featured in the films include Sabertooth, Sebastian Shaw, Juggernaut, William Stryker, and of course everyone’s favorite: the metal controlling mutant known as Magneto.  Recently Director Bryan Singer introduced us to the Sentinels for the very first time in last years  X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Now, Singer is ready to bring out the Age of Apocalypses’s reign in next summer’s  X-Men: Apocalypse.  This film will be the “conclusion” to the newer X-Men films including Matthew Vaughn’s prequel  X-Men: First Class.  

The X-Men have faced their fair share of villains throughout the comic book lore.  However, not all of them have been seen cinematically as of yet.  With that being said, there are plenty of well-known villains (and not so well-known) that should be employed in a future X-Men film.  So without further adieu, here is my list of the “Top 5 X-Men Villains Who Should be Utilized in Future Films.”

#5.  Arcade

Arcade is one of those villains who may come across as a very cheesy villain.  That being said however, he does have some redeemable qualities about him that could pose a significant threat to the X-Men.  Arcade is labeled as an “engineering genius” in that he has the ability to create an arcade and bring it to life, literally.  While being obsessed with traps and video games as a young child, Arcade crafted his own video game world called “Murderworlds.”  He basically captures his victims and is able to place them inside a virtual world where everything that goes on is real.

Arcade watches his victims with pure enjoyment and makes bets when the heroes clash with his own killing machines.  He is able to model these machines after real arcade characters and unleashes them against his foes.  What makes Arcade more dangerous is that he does his homework before snatching up his next host.  He studies his enemies weakness first then is able to program his “game” to give him the slight advantage.  Over the years he has primarily used the X-Men as pawns but he has also lured Spider-Man as well as Captain Britain into his video game of death.  Arcade may not be one of the most notable of the X-Men villains but he is one of the smartest.

#4.  The Brood

Think of them as an ALIEN rip-off and you have the Brood.  Even though there are plenty of similarities between the two, there’s still enough material there to work with.  The Broods are basically alien insectoids who are able to inject their eggs into their host.  However instead of the host dying, they are consumed by the alien and transformed into a member of the Brood.  The X-Men have fought the Brood for many years.  After their planet named “Broodworld” was destroyed, the Brood were scattered throughout the galaxy eventually landing on planet Earth and taking over the bodies of both humans as well as the mutants.

In the comics, most of the X-Men were drained by the Brood except for one mutant in particular who has the quickest healing factor of any mutant.  That’s right, Wolverine saved the rest of the X-Men and was able to resist his own transformation.  Even though this alien race is a complete rip-off of the mythology that Ridley Scott created with Alien, 20th Century Fox can still use the concept of an alien invasion and come up with a story that isn’t so similar with ALIEN.

While aliens may be very generic villains for the X-Men to fight, these beings do however open up the possibility with a cosmic universe for future X-Men films.  We still have yet to be introduced to the Shi’ar who play a MAJOR role in the X-Men comics.  The Brood may not be the best pick for a villain(s) but it isn’t the worst idea either.

#3.  The Shadow King

The Shadow King would be a very interesting pick here.  It is defined simply as being an immortal demon that has lived on something called the astral plane.  It consumes the host and basically controls them and becomes that person.  It feeds off the hatred of it’s host and forces them to do what it tells them.  In the comics there are a few people who were taken over by the Shadow King including Baron Von Strucker and Amahl Farouk who was an Egyptian crimelord at the the time. Professor X has battled the Shadow King numerous times causing him nightmares over the years.

The Shadow King has caused the X-Men to battle each other.  There was also a time where it once controlled some X-Men from a world parallel to the real world thus creating the Dark X-Men.  The Shadow King was also noted for attacking the King of Wakanda, Black Panther and his wife storm while causing harm to his people.  Even though the Shadow King is a VERY weird and interesting demonic character, it is a being that could be heavily used in a future X-Men film.

While considering it is a demon, with the right director (Bryan Singer cough cough) the Shadow King could be one of the toughest X-Men villains to date.  It’s not a being that you can attack by force.  It may take a powerful mind (Professor X or Jean Grey maybe?) to battle this formidable foe.

#2.  Omega Red

Arkady Rossovich aka Omega Red was the KGB’s attempt to create a Soviet super-soldier.  Arkady was simply a test subject used by the Soviets to attack any threat that headed their way.  Not officially a mutant, Omega Red was once a serial killer and received genetic treatments which required him to drain his victims in order to survive.  Think of him as an evil cross between Captain America and Wolverine.

Omega Red has battled the X-Men a ton and has always proved to be a physical threat.  His most common enemies he has fought in the comics have been both Wolverine and Victor Creed.  While Omega Red may be somewhat of a one-dimensional character, there is still enough material there to craft a story around him.  Since the X-Men and mutants exist on a global scale, it would not be too far fetched to include a character straight from Russia.

With Singer’s  X-Men: Apocalypse  taking place in the 1980’s now would be a perfect time to create Omega Red.  Communism was at it’s peak in the 1980’s and Americans were scared from a possible nuclear war aka the Cold War between us and the Soviet Union.  Since America created a super-soldier of their own in Captain America, why wouldn’t the Soviets want to do the same?  Thus Omega Red could be born and pose a significant threat for Xavier and the rest of his X-Men.

#1.  Mister Sinister

With Apocalypse finally making his much needed appearance in the next X-Men film, the mutant who MUST be used at some point has to be Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister.  After all, if it wasn’t for Apocalypse in the first place, Mister Sinister would NOT have been forged into the being he is. Apocalypse recruited him to help with his evil plans and therefore offered to alter his genetic structure thus giving him virtual immortality and superhuman strength.  Sinister is definitely not a person you want to mess with especially if Apocalypse is on his side.

Perhaps the most notable quality that Sinister has going for him is the creation of Cyclops and “Jean Grey’s” son Cable.  Obsessed with cloning, Sinister was able to craft a clone named Madelyne Pryor who looked VERY similar to Jean Grey.  He forced her to seduce Cyclops into thinking she was the real Jean Grey after the Phoenix Saga took place.  Sinister’s plan was to eventually take their child and raise him/her up as his own.  Unfortunately for Sinister, Cyclops and Pryor bred a child who they named Nathan Summers aka Cable.  Cable a well known time traveler from the future has fought both Sinister and Apocalypse time and time again.

In a way, Sinister cannot grow old due to his cloning abilities.  Whenever his body becomes “worn out,” Essex can transform his genetic structure into another clone body.  This in turn allows him to stay powerful while keeping his intellect in tact.  Mister Sinister is arguably one of the X-Men’s most lethal foes and has yet to appear in a film.  With the addition of Apocalypse, there’s reason to believe he may become the next X-Men villain.  There’s also been some speculation that he may be the primary villain in the Channing Tatum lead  Gambit  film.  Either way, Mister Sinister would be a fantastic addition to the already stockpiled arsenal of villains that 20th Century Fox has brought us.

It’ll be interesting to see the direction that 20th Century Fox goes after  X-Men: Apocalypse  crashes into theaters next summer.  With plenty of other noteworthy villains to choose from, Fox can pretty much choose any of these above choices.  Do you agree with my list?  What other villains do you believe should be in a future X-Men film?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!

Source:  The Marvel Encyclopedia 



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