The Teams are Set! Which of the Avengers is likely a Spy in ‘Captain America: Civil War?’

Captain America: Civil War  will pit our favorite heroes against each other in a climactic battle that will involve countless lives and conflicts at stake.  Captain America will form his own team as he battles against Tony Stark’s forces over an Act that MUST be signed to declare all superhero identities.  We have recently been given two pictures that show us who’s on which team.  While some of the Avengers may be missing from these photos, it begs to wonder if in fact these are the correct teams going into the film.  You can check out the concept art below as they give us a good understanding of what’s to come.  Behold Captain America’s Team!

I Have Some Serious Concerns About the Captain America: Civil War Movie

As well as Iron-Man’s Team!

I Have Some Serious Concerns About the Captain America: Civil War Movie

For Captain America’s Team we have Hawkeye, Agent 13, Falcon (and Redwing), The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man (located on Hawkeye’s shoulder), and of course Captain America.  Now who’s missing from his team is most likely Scarlet Witch.  We know from  Avenger’s Age of Ultron,  that Stark Industries played a critical role in the decimation of the Maximoff twins family.  After introducing themselves to the Avengers, Quicksilver looks down at the Atomic weapon created by Stark and says to him “Ah this is funny, Mr. Stark.  It’s what comfortable? Like old times?”  Clearly they both have a grudge against Stark and even though Quicksilver never made it out of the end alive, Scarlet Witch knows that it was Stark who created Ultron and was the one who killed her beloved twin brother.

Another notable member missing from either team is of course Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.  In the comics, Peter first sides with Stark initially until he realizes all of the devastation around him and is convinced that Captain America was right all along.  He felt ashamed after exposing himself to the world and realizes that some kept secrets are not ever meant to see the light of day.  This film of course will not focus primarily on the identities of the heroes considering most of the world already knows who they all are (except for Spider-Man).  After all, he’s really the only one who wears the mask 24/7 when fighting crime.

Based on this concept art, I have to believe that these teams appear to be correct.  We know enough about these characters by now to understand why some of them would choose Stark over Cap or vice versa.  To keep it short and simple, let me briefly explain each Avenger and why they will side with the team their placed on (for now).

First let’s talk about Cap’s team:

Hawkeye:  Clint would easily choose Cap over Stark simply because he would want his identity of his family to stay a secret.  As soon as he signs up for the Registration Act, his family and life outside of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be exposed which was why no one ever knew about his outside life until he brought all of the Avengers to his “safe house” in  Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Ant-Man:  In his first solo outing, Scott Lang was brave enough to go into the Avengers headquarters and retrieve a necessary chip to assist with the mission.  However he encountered one of the Avengers in Falcon and the two fought briefly with Ant-Man coming out on top.  In the post-credits scene, we saw Cap and Falcon who finally tracked down Bucky and Falcon mentions that he “Knows a guy.”  Shortly after we see a title that says “Ant-Man Will Return.”  Falcon is obviously referring to Scott here and the art further proves he will be assisting Cap in this film.

Falcon:  Falcon is Cap’s right hand man and clearly showed it in his debut in last summer’s  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Sam fought alongside Cap to take down the Helicarriers and was successful.  In the final moments of the film, Cap learns where Bucky is headed.  Cap says, “You don’t have to come with me” to which Sam responds “I know.  When do we start?”   Clearly his loyalty to Cap will be extremely high so there is no reason to believe that Falcon would betray his brother and friend.

The Winter Soldier:  We don’t know when it will happen, but Bucky will eventually learn his place in society and understand that his mind had been wiped countless times by HYDRA.  After all, Bucky did save Cap at the end of his film shortly after Steve refused to continue fighting and kill his close friend from the war.  There’s also rumors circulating that he’s the one responsible for killing Stark’s parents which may be another reason Cap is fighting Tony in this Civil War.  We will have to wait and see.

Redwing:  Finally we are introduced to Falcon’s close ally in Redwing (well, sort of).  Redwing as you know from the comics was actually a real bird.  This falcon helped Sam search out his enemies as a sort of guide to assist in his missions.  However this version of Redwing is clearly a robotic drone resembling a bird.  I have a bad feeling about this version of Redwing.  Ultimately Stark is the one who has control of all this technology so it bears to wonder if Stark may somehow get a hold of this “bird” and reprogram it to his benefit to search out Cap’s Avengers.  Only time will tell.

Now we move on to Team Iron-Man!

War Machine:  This one’s pretty clear cut.  Like Falcon, War Machine is Tony’s right hand man and will fight alongside him no matter what.  Audiences have watched James Rhodes assist Tony in multiple films including all three Iron-Man films and most recently  Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Rhodey will certainly not back stab his friend.  After all, who was the one who gave him the War Machine armor in the first place?

Black Panther:  This is a very interesting character.  While we don’t know anything about this hero except for the fact that Chadwick Boseman is playing the part, Black Panther is somewhat of a mystery.  We do know that Ultron stole his precious vibranium from the nation of Wakanda (which was stolen by Ulysses Klaue).  Before Spider-Man had been cast in this film, Marvel fans immediately began speculating that he would be the one to play on both sides.  However this picture makes me believe that it’s possible that Black Panther may not necessarily like Tony Stark but he does believe in the Registration Act.  After all of the fighting that took place in Wakanda, (Hulk vs the Hulkbuster) T’Challa should want the heroes to have some accountability or at the very least be held responsible for their actions.

Vision:  One of Tony Starks’ (or should I say Ultron’s) creations, Vision has the membrane of what was formally J.A.R.V.I.S. and should therefore be fighting for Stark.  He may not necessarily fully understand his actions or why there should be a Registration Act in the first place but since Vision is mostly in part due to Stark’s technology, it’s pretty reasonable to believe that he will side with Stark.  A very powerful Avenger indeed, Vision in my opinion gives Team Iron-Man the leg up for this film.

Black Widow:  I saved her last for a reason and here’s why.  I truly believe that Black Widow will most definitely be the one to betray Stark’s team.  After everything she went through with Cap in  Captain America: The Winter Soldier,  I have reason to believe that Natasha will actually be fighting for Captain America’s team secretly.  Like Cap, she cannot trust any government agency after what happened when HYDRA infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D.  She proclaims that she needs to find a new cover to Steve after having been exposed of all her previous files and missions throughout the years.  Would she really want her identity and limitations be in control of a government agency?  Probably not.

Natasha also formed a very close bond with Cap and even attempts to hook him up with Agent 13. Towards the end of the film, she proclaims “Will you do me a favor and call that nurse?  Her names Sharon, she’s nice.”  She even kisses him shortly after as a goodbye gesture.

I will be disappointed if Natasha is on Stark’s team the entire time.  Once again no one will no for sure until the film comes out but there’s plenty of red flags out there that tell me otherwise.  Since we don’t know the context of the story (except for a brief synopsis), there’s really no way of knowing if this is the official lineup of the teams.

This concept art has hyped me up for even more excitement as a teaser trailer shouldn’t be far away. Shortly after we see Batman battle Superman, heroes will collide once again when  Captain America Civil War  is released on May 6, 2016.

So what do you all think?  Do you believe that these are the correct teams based on this concept art? Do you also believe there to be a traitor on one or both of the teams?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!


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