Top 5 Batman Villains that Should be Introduced in the DC Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man may have the best villains in the Marvel comics, but Batman has the best villains in the DC comics.  Warner Bros. has recently announced that some of their representatives have screened an unfinished  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  and stated that the film has received a standing ovation.  Clearly, this is not much to go on simply because of course Warner Bros. will say their film is going to be great.  It wouldn’t help if they said that the film needs the actors to come back for re-shoots.  Re-shoots aren’t always a bad thing however just earlier this year  Avengers: Age of Ultron brought some of the actors back to re-film some of their scenes.  We saw how that film turned out and from the looks of it, everything worked out for the better.  

Not only did the unfinished  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  screening receive a standing ovation, but it was later revealed that the star of the entire film was non-other than the Batman himself, Ben Affleck.  They described Afflecks’ performance as being the “definitive Batman” and the studios are already in talks with him to possibly sign on to a multi-picture deal.  It’s also been rumored that Affleck will direct the first solo Batman film and that Affleck was the standout star in the development of his character in  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The studios have gone on to say that Afflecks performance was so stellar that they are now thinking about creating more than one solo Batman film with Affleck continuing to done the cape.

While nothing has been officially confirmed it’s good to hear how great his performance was not only as Batman but also Bruce Wayne.  I have praised Afflecks’ work in a lot of his films even including his role as Daredevil.  I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying this: Ben Affleck will bring us the greatest iteration of Batman we’ve ever had on the big screen.  His story will be legendary and will carry a lot of weight as the Justice League slowly comes together.

With that being said, Batman has had some great villains (The Joker) and not so great villains (The Clock King).  I’ve decided to make a Top 5 list of villains that I would love to see in this DC cinematic universe.  Some of these villains may have already appeared in a film, but that does not matter. Whether these villains have been used properly (Bane) or highly misused (Poison Ivy), every single Batman villain is up for grabs.  I now give you my “Top 5 Batman Villains that Should be Introduced in the DC Cinematic Universe.”

#5.  Clayface 

Similar to Marvel’s Sandman, Clayface can change his form at will and is able to morph his body as a living weapon.  He can alter his hands as giant hammers or sharp objects to combat the caped crusader.  There have been many people who have become Clayface over the years but the most popular one is Matt Hagen.

Hagen became exposed to a type of mysterious oil from a factory which clung to his body and completely modified his DNA.  Hagen would never be the same person again and took his rage out on Batman multiple times.  Clayface became one of Batman’s biggest threats over the years as he was one of the few villains who had some sort of super-power.

Clayface would be a great villain to add to DC’s cinematic universe simply because he would look amazing on screen.  However most of the battle would be CGI like Sam Raimi did with Sandman in Spider-Man 3.  This would clearly be a very messy fight as Batman would not be able to simply throw a few punches to knock him down.

#4.  Mister Freeze

“Chill!,”  “Let’s kick some ice!,” “The Ice Man cometh!,” “Stay cool birdboy!,” and my personal favorite: “Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well. For it’s the chilling sound of your doom.”

Please Dear God for the love of humanity, NO MORE PUNS!  It’s one thing to appreciate the campiness that went into making  Batman and Robin  but it’s a whole other deal if future movie goers have to listen to more ice jokes!  While we can’t help but laugh at the site of Arnold Schwartzenegger as Victor Fries, the actual story to his character is rather heartbreaking.

Victor fell in love with a woman named Nora who unfortunately developed a rare disease causing her body to slowly shut down.  Due to his undying love for her, Victor left his studies to pursue a job at Gothcorp hoping to come across a cure that would heal Nora.  Trying to find a cure for her was the least of his concerns as he became exposed to super coolants permanently altering his body to handle sub-zero temperatures.  Now calling himself Mister Freeze, this change forced Victor to wear a suit at all times encasing him to below freezing temperatures which helps keep him alive.

While trying to halt the disease from spreading even further, Victor had Nora’s entire body covered in ice.  Sadly for Victor, Gothcorp terminated the funding necessary to cure Nora.  Enraged, Victor began exterminating Gothcorp’s employees including C.E.O. Ferris Boyle who he saved for last.

Batman has fought Mister Freeze countless times over the years.  He is one of Batman’s most powerful villains and one Bruce does not wish to fight knowing his entire backstory from before he became Mister Freeze.  Freeze would be a great villain to utilize in a future film just as long as Schwartzenegger’s name isn’t attached in any way shape or form.  I want to see him done right and with a more grounded DC cinematic universe, there’s a good chance he could be brought back to the big screen (hopefully the right way).

#3.  Hush

This is one of those Batman villains I am not as familiar with.  However, after reading more about this character, I’ve come to appreciate his background and how well he could fit in this cinematic universe.  Even though we haven’t yet learned about Bruce Wayne’s background as a child in this new incarnation of the Batman, we do know that we will be seeing a few flashbacks to when he was a child as seen in the latest trailer.

To keep it rather short, Tommy Elliot grew up with Bruce and became childhood friends.  Unlike Bruce’s parents who were wealthy, Tommy’s family proved to be a nuisance growing up.  He grew up in poverty with his father being abusive towards him as well as his mother.  His mother was also very submissive which was something Elliot despised.  His parents however made sure their son received a good education.

Tommy’s unfortunate desire for wealth drove him mad as he later murdered his father by severing the brake line of his parents car causing it to crash.  This accident also caused his mother to be severely injured as she was placed in a hospital for care.  She was eventually saved by none other than Bruces’ father Dr. Thomas Wayne.  This angered Tommy simply because he planned on inheriting his family’s fortune.

A while later Elliot learns that Bruce’s parents had been murdered and that he would now inherit all of their wealth.  Tommy clearly jealous of the situation is now an enemy to a friend he grew up with. After having recovered from her past injuries, Tommy eventually murders his mother by smothering her with a pillow.  He finally acquires the fortune he solely sought after and begins his life of crime teaming up with other Batman villains including the Riddler, the Scarecrow, and the Ventriloquist.  He teams up with the Riddler multiple times after having learned of Batman’s true identity.

While initially a joke by the Riddler, “Hush” became his trademark name because he wanted to keep everything he has done to his parents and his identity a secret.  Hush has become more popular over the years appearing in a few video games such as  Batman: Arkham City  and  Batman: Arkham Knight.  

Hush is a very smart and physically imposing Batman villain.  He is also a master of disguise as he wears his trademark mask while seeking out Batman.  A superb marksman and a keen strategist, Hush is one of Batman’s most cunning villains and always keeps Batman on his toes.

#2.  Man-Bat

Like the similarities between the Sandman and Clayface, the same can be said for the Spider-Man villain the Lizard and Man-Bat.  Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a scientist who was an expert in mammal biology hoped to cure his deafness by creating a serum that of course backfired.  Since bats were his prized mammals, he studied them constantly knowing that they rely on hearing since they are basically blind.  Dr. Langstrom took bat DNA and crafted a serum that he used to inject into himself anticipating his hearing would improve.  But like Dr. Curt Connors trying to cure his lost limb, that experiment also backfired resulting in turning himself into the Lizard.

Dr. Langstrom is another person in the Batman lore who’s not essentially a villain.  He’s only trying to help himself and perhaps create a cure that could save countless lives from turning deaf.  While under the influence of this serum, Dr. Langstrom slowly lost his humanity and constantly attacked his family.  Batman had to subdue him hoping that he could change him back to his former self.  This partially worked as Langstrom eventually created a serum which would allow him to control his transformation from a human to a bat.  He was also able to maintain his intelligence in the process.

Like Marvel’s Lizard, Man-Bat would look great on film.  Of course he would be CGI, but that would be the best way to bring him into this cinematic universe.  Just like Victor Freeze, Dr. Kirk Langstrom is another “villain” we can sympathize with hoping Batman can help change him back to his former self.

#1.  The Riddler

Thanks to Joel Schumacher, we never really looked at the villains or Batman with sincerity.  After all, audiences and comic book fans alike were scarred after watching the horrific  Batman and Robin  but Schumacher’s first film  Batman Forever  wasn’t much better.  Batman Forever  gave us two extremely campy villains with Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face and Jim Carreys’ The Riddler.  Sure the film didn’t just suffer from the corny villains, but when you think about the movie, you can’t help but picture these two on screen.

One can argue that  Batman Forever  was the film that started the downward trend of superhero films as we knew them.  It wasn’t until Bryan Singer’s  X-Men  that reignited the superhero genre and brought hope that we could see our favorite characters from the comics given justice in a feature length film.  The Riddler should be no exception here.  We’ve already seen a glimpse of his signature “?” symbol on a wall in the teaser for  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  We at least know that he has a presence in this cinematic universe.  Hopefully this won’t be just an Easter egg, but rather proof that he will one day play a larger role as one of the main antagonists in a future solo Batman film.

Edward Nigma was used properly in the 1990’s television show  Batman: The Animated Series.  The show gave us a perfect rendition of a man who devises his schemes as complex riddles for Batman to solve.  He appeared in multiple episodes giving the Dark Knight a run for his money.  Batman always came out on top though with the Riddler constantly evading his grasp.  The Riddler is a tough villain to catch which is what makes him that much deadlier and why he earns my top spot on this list.

Do you agree with my list?  What other Batman villains would you want to see in this cinematic universe?  Please comment and share your thoughts below!      

Sources:  The DC Comics Encyclopedia.       


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