5 ‘Star Wars’ Soundtracks John Williams Should Include in ‘The Force Awakens’

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens  is shortly upon us and with that comes brand new melodies from the greatness of John Williams.  Williams’ presence has been essential to the  Star Wars  franchise.  There is no  Star Wars  without the catchy tunes that Williams has brought us.  When people hear the words  Star Wars  many people may immediately think of the characters, the planets, the Jedi, or even the Rebels or the Empire.  For me its the soundtrack that John Williams has brought us from a galaxy far far away.  Williams has played such a crucial role when it comes to these films and that’s why he will again compose the newest soundtrack for  Star Wars  fans to listen to over and over again.  

Williams has crafted such delightful tunes that we can hear anytime when we’re at home, in the car, or at work.  He is the embodiment of  Star Wars  and a person we can’t live without.  Williams has created numerous soundtracks that we cannot remove from our brains.  With Williams turning 83 this past February,  Star Wars  fans can only hope that he can stick around for at least one more trilogy.  He has already declared that he will not be conducting the  Star Wars: Anthology  films.  Alexander Desplat has confirmed he will completing the score on the first Anthology film  Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One.  As Williams carries on his legacy, our love for  Star Wars  grows even stronger in the force.  I have formed a list of “5  Star Wars  Soundtracks John Williams Should Include in the  The Force Awakens.”  So lets get started! 

#5.  The Asteroid Field Theme

“Chewie, we’re home.”  Nothing brought me closer to having more goosebumps than when we saw the greatest duo ever put to screen once again in the latest trailer for  Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  Han and Chewie are at it once more as we see them enter the confines of the Millennium Falcon at the very end of the trailer.  We assume they are also the one’s piloting her right before we see the actors on screen.  Towards the end we see them getting chased by a TIE Fighter on what looks to be the planet Jakku.  We don’t know how much a role Han and Chewie will play in this film but we can go in at least knowing we will be seeing them again piloting the vessel that “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.”

This theme was first heard in  Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back  and takes place when Han and the gang maneuver into an asteroid field to evade the oncoming Imperial fleet.  The score mixes up a nice blend of brass and stringed instruments which ties in nicely to the feel of the scene.  I compare this score to some of the one’s we hear from Spielberg’s  Indiana Jones  films we’ve come to enjoy.  It has a constant change of flow with a sense of adventure and peril from start to finish.  Seeing as how Han played Indiana Jones, it’s no wonder this theme fits in admirably with his type of character.

#4.  Princess Leia’s Theme

This beautiful melody portrays the charming Princess Leia the first time we laid eyes on her in  Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  This score can also be heard throughout the rest of the original trilogy while also towards the end of  Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  As we all know Carrie Fisher will be reprising her role as the charming Princess only this time she will most likely be a Queen or higher in command since many years have taken place when we last saw her in  Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.  This theme blends a great deal of stringed instruments as John Williams puts together so nicely.

When you think of Princess Leia, this theme usually comes to mind.  This score is toned down when compared to more of the other action packed spectacles of music that we’ve come to expect from Williams.  A soothing, yet very memorable score from the great John Williams.  It would not surprise me to hear this elegant piece of work sprinkled in somewhere when we see Carrie Fisher on the big screen once again.  I hope that this theme is included as it is one of my personal favorites.

#3.  The Imperial March Theme aka Darth Vader’s Theme  

First introduced in  Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back,  this theme has become the staple of the Galactic Empire.  When hearing this, one cannot help but think of hundreds of stormtroopers lining up ready to follow orders.  A rather ominous tone but also a feeling of power, The Imperial March Theme  is one of the most recognizable pieces of music that Williams has brought to the  Star Wars  universe.  A bombastic style of music using a combination of trumpets, trombones, and all kinds of percussion instruments, this piece of art defines what the Empire is and what they stand for.  Williams also utilizes this score in Episode III  when Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader.  It’s a tremendous style of music that strikes fear into the hearts of many.

The Force Awakens  will introduce us to a new type of Empire being labeled as ‘The First Order.’  This new type of leadership will most likely conjure up a new style of music, one that will define where they stand.  Much like the Rebels now being called ‘The Resistance,’ ‘The First Order’ will seemingly have a theme song of their own.  However, that’s not to say that we won’t get to hear the original  Imperial March Theme  somewhere down the line.  After all, we still have stormtroopers (that look incredible) and the dark side appears stronger than ever.  We will have to wait and see if Williams decides to pepper in some of the theme we are used to hearing.

#2.  Main Theme

I wish that this theme had a different name to it other than titled “Main Theme.”  This one should be a given as the very first score we hear from EVERY  Star Wars  film is this one.  Star Wars  has many memorable scores but this is the one that defines what  Star Wars  truly is.  Even if you’ve never seen a  Star Wars  film before, I guarantee that people can at least name what this score is from.  It’s just that recognizable in the movie culture.

John Williams has done a brilliant job creating an uplifting melody, one that we can all hum to any part of the day.  This score is arguably the single greatest soundtrack of any movie trilogy.  The music is epic in scale and can be heard in all of the films.  What could possibly top this one? Read on to find out!

#1.  Binary Sunset

If you asked me what my favorite  Star Wars  soundtrack is, I’d have to go with  Binary Sunset.  This is very close to being my favorite movie soundtrack of all time.  Fortunately that nod has to go to another remarkable John Williams score: The  Jurassic Park Main Theme.  Binary Sunset  is first heard when we see a young Luke Skywalker glance out across his home planet Tatooine in  Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope  unaware what his future holds.  It’s arguably the most heartfelt melody in all of  Star Wars.  There’s a feeling of adventure and sadness awaiting him after he realizes he will have to leave his home behind.  Luke understands that sacrifices must be made and that there is a whole galaxy out there waiting for him to explore.          

The tension is built up marvelously as Luke gazes out into the sunset knowing that his adventure is just beginning.  This is without a doubt my favorite  Star Wars  score conceived by John Williams.  I can only hope that he incorporates this score in the film.  Fortunately we hear this theme in the second teaser trailer from the very beginning.  This leads me to believe that it will be utilized in the film.  Make it happen John, you’re my only hope.

So that’s my list of five soundtracks that I would love to hear again in the J.J. Abrams directed film to a start of a new trilogy.  What other themes do you want to hear in  Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!


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