5 HUGE Reveals from the latest ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer

Fans who have flocked to this years San Diego Comic Con were hoping that Warner Bros would steal the show especially since massive studios including Marvel and Sony opted out this time around.  Not only did we get to see new footage from  Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  but a BRAND NEW official trailer for  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  has surfaced on the web and no one appears to be disappointed.

The latest trailer gives us all kinds of new looks and where the story will be heading.  There’s so much involved in this trailer that I don’t know where to begin.  Zack Snyder appears to have hit another home run and I’d like to narrow the focus down to “5 HUGE Reveals from the latest  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  Trailer.”  But before we begin the countdown, lets watch that trailer at least three more times!   

#5.  Gal Gadot looks the part as Wonder Woman

This is one of those characters that we still do not know enough about to give us a clearer view as to what her character entails.  Recent comments by director Zack Snyder has stated that she is the “Gateway drug to the rest of the Justice League.”  A rather vague comment by Snyder but also a very crucial one at the same time.  Snyder mentions that her role sets up the Justice League and possibly brings the team together.

We finally get to see Wonder Woman both in action as well as wearing her normal apparel.  Diana is seen multiple times throughout the trailer showcasing her incredible powers including her Bracelets of Submission.  In one clip we see Diana appear to deflect something causing a massive explosion around her.  Based on the comics, she is also able to absorb incoming attacks using her bracelets which is what appears to be happening.  We also get a glimpse of her using her shield and sword after getting thrown into a wall by possibly Superman?

Like Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in  The Dark Knight Rises  trailers, Diana is shown wearing a few different looks with one being more casual than the other.  There was also a photo recently released from  Entertainment Weekly  that showed Bruce and Diana possibly dancing on a ballroom floor. These photos give us plenty of looks at Wonder Woman even if we still don’t yet know the whole backstory of DC’s most popular heroine.

#4.  Jared Leto’s Joker will make his presence known

Like Heath Ledger before him, Jared Leto will be bringing us a new iteration of the maniacal character we all call the Joker.  Whether or not Leto will be in this film has not been revealed however, there are two scenes we see hints that the Joker is alive and well and clearly part of THIS universe.  Above you will notice that the Joker has scribbled all over “today’s” paper and reads “You let your family die.”

This “family” that Joker is referring to is the family that Bruce had who worked at one of his office buildings located in Metropolis.  We immediately know this at the beginning of the trailer after we see Bruce stare down the mayhem that is taking place between Kal El and General Zod.  Soon after the dust settles we see Bruce holding onto a little girl with a banner laying down close by that reads “Wayne Financial.”  Obviously ‘Wayne Enterprises’ is located in Gotham so his other business(s) are located elsewhere, in this case Metropolis.

Another look we get from the Joker is writing on what appears to be a former ‘Robin’ or ‘Nightwing’ costume.  It has been rumored that we may be getting a backstory concerning the second Robin named Jason Todd.  For those who have either read the comics or know the comics well understand that Jason Todd was severely beaten by the Joker and eventually killed in one of the most famous Batman comic book storylines:  Batman: A Death in the Family.  

We don’t quite know the outcome of this event since this Batman has just been introduced to us in this cinematic universe. However, with hints at both the Riddler from the previous teaser trailer and the Joker from this newest one, this Batman has been through a hell of a lot.  Batman appears to house this costume somewhere in his mansion to keep him aware of what happened and to perhaps motivate him to keep his family and friends safe.  The Joker may not physically appear in this film but that’s alright with me because we will soon see Leto’s transformation into this madman come August of next year in David Ayer’s  Suicide Squad.    

#3.  Lex Luthor has a block of Kryptonite in his possession

“Black and Blue.  God vs Man.  Day vs Night.”

We have heard rumors that kryptonite will play a large role in this upcoming film.  Well we can now rest assured as the above photo implies.  However what we don’t know is how it will be used in the movie.  A few theories are out there with the most logical one being that Luthor hands over some kryptonite to Batman while using it to take down the Man of Steel.  Another thought is that Luthor is harvesting it for himself to potentially use it as a weapon.  There have also been rumors that Lex’s green-purple mech-suit could show up sometime in the film.  If he is somehow able to harness the power of the kryptonite and use it to his advantage, it could bring certain doom to Superman.

The theory I will stick with though is him giving some, not all of the kryptonite for Batman to use to combat Superman.  After all, both of these guys are businessmen and perhaps partners in some way.  Luthor being the devious man that he is could cut a deal with the Dark Knight and use him as a pawn for his own doings.  Maybe the next and final trailer will shed more light on the use of kryptonite but most likely we won’t actually know what it’s used for until the movie is officially released.

#2.  General Zod’s Body

This clip raises the most questions of the ENTIRE trailer at least in my opinion.  We know that Zod is clearly dead because we saw Clark snap his neck in  Man of Steel  plus in this still photo we see him in a body bag with a very pale face.  What could someone possibly want with General Zod’s deceased body?  Could it be for Luthor or the government to create a clone of Superman (which eventually became Bizarro?)  Could his DNA be used to possibly create Doomsday? (Doomsday while not confirmed, has had multiple sources indicating he will be in the film).

This is clearly not a flashback sequence so something important will go down with Zod’s corpse possibly towards the end of the film.  I am very curious to see how General Zod will fit into this narrative.  I doubt the next trailer will give us more details.  Perhaps we will have to wait and be surprised once the film comes out.

#1.  Why Bruce Wayne is after Superman

“He has the power to wipe out the ENTIRE human race.  And we have to destroy him.”

This is hands down the biggest reveal in the trailer and one that will drive the story forward.  We finally understand the reasons why Bruce Wayne is after Kal El.  I touched on this topic earlier but the first minute of the trailer gives great detail including the events that took place towards the end of Man of Steel.  Family and friends close to him were crushed as the building came crumbling down thanks mostly in part to Zod’s doing.  Bruce has already lost a lot of family members including most notably his parents as we again see them murdered right in front of him as a young boy in the trailer. Though not confirmed, he has also lost his former friend and sidekick Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker.

Batman has been through a lot over the years and we MUST understand that going in to this film. This will be a different Batman on screen than we’ve ever seen before.  He will be torn, beaten, bruised, and most importantly “retired.”  We are getting an older aged Batman who has dealt with countless villains and vigilantes over time.  Bruce’s rage will be the highest its ever been and there’s only one person who can talk some sense into him and that’s his father figure: Alfred.

Jeremy Irons exclaims to Bruce in the trailer: “He is NOT our enemy.”  This scene takes place most likely right before he takes on the Man of Steel.  However, it will probably take more than just Alfred to make him understand.  That other person could be Wonder Woman.  She may be the one who ultimately halts the battle between the two and helps them come to some sort of agreement.  We can only wait to see.

I don’t know about you but that trailer has made me much more excited to see this film.  Zack Snyder clearly understands the tone of the film that DC fans want and has delivered it beautifully.  If it is anywhere near as good as  Man  of Steel  was, then I will be completely satisfied.  While  Captain America: Civil War  is my most anticipated movie of the year,  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  is a close second.

So that’s my list of “5 HUGE Reveals from the latest  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’  Trailer.”  What did YOU think of my list?  What other aspects of the trailer stood out to you?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!

Photos courtesy of  Movieweb.com                   

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