Kids Just Being Kids Recreate Iconic Scenes From ‘Jurassic Park’ Using… Toys!

For most,  Jurassic Park  holds a special place in a person’s heart.  Spielberg’s groundbreaking film gave us memorable dialogue, impressive special effects, and lovable characters which we care for throughout the film.  We learn in the film that “life finds a way” and that it can be dangerous when man plays God.  Jurassic Park  is so iconic that action figures and plastic vehicles were bought off the shelves to allow fans to create their own movie going experience.  This is exactly what these three kids from the 90’s did with an old fashioned VHS Camcorder.  You can watch the full or edited version of the YouTube videos down below!  

Obviously since this was filmed from the 90’s, the quality isn’t the best.  However, it’s cool to note how these kids tried to recreate some of the scenes from the film using their action figures.  They even have the classic John Williams soundtrack to go along with it!

I have to say that I’m extremely jealous of these kids for multiple reasons.  One, I wish I had created my own films when I was a child.  And two, I wish I had those awesome toys from the movie!  Those toys must cost a fortune now a days and with  Jurassic World  making a bajillion dollars at the box office, there are now even more fans of the popular franchise.

It’s great to see kids actually using their brain to come up with something as AMAZING as that video. Kids today are to busy talking to you about the latest  Call of Duty  or  Grand Theft Auto  (games obviously kids shouldn’t be playing but that’s another issue in and of itself), instead of using their imagination to create something epic.  You can tell these kids are having a fun time and it must have taken them a REALLY long time to go through all of the editing to finalize their product.

While I still am somewhat of a video game aficionado, I really miss the good old days of crafting my own adventures using the resources that I had available.  Playing with action figures and coming up with a story was every kids passion and was a great time killer to stay away from boredom.  Kids these days just aren’t fond of action figures because it’s not the “cool” thing to play with. Nevertheless, I hope children can get back to using their creative minds and for parents to allow them to live their own adventure.  I wonder what those kids all grown up now are thinking when they watch their younger selves make their own feature film?


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