The ONE Thing the Russo Brother’s MUST Promise the Fans for ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Captain America: Civil War  is my most anticipated film in 2016.  I’ve been saying this ever since Marvel jokingly named this film  Captain America: Serpent Society  when it was first announced.  This film has received so much hype over the past few months including the potential casting of our new wall-crawling hero.  We’ve seen set photos and videos of Cap facing off against one of the movies’ villains: Crossbones.  We’ve also seen pictures of Falcon sporting his new gear.  These photos and videos excite me even more. However there is ONE thing that the Russo’s must promise the fans: They MUST keep the story focused on Captain America.   

I wrote an article not too long ago that was called my “3 BIG Concerns For  Captain America: Civil War.”  My first issue I touched on was that there are WAY too many superheroes in this film.  While this movie has to have it’s fair share of heroes considering that it is a “War,” (and according to Anthony Mackie it’s Avengers 2.5), my real concern is that this Captain America movie may not focus primarily on the title character.  After all, this movie is titled  Captain America: Civil War.  Therefore, this story should be about Captain America.

I recently finished the comic book series of  Marvel’s: Civil War  and I have to say that it was an amazing story told by Mark Millar.  From start to finish, the narrative follows both sides of the battlefield: Tony Starks’ Pro-Superhuman Registration Act with Captain America being against the Act.

What I enjoyed most about this story was how you were given both viewpoints.  As you are reading, you learn the reasons why Tony Stark feels the need to register for the act while you will also understand Cap’s view as to why it is unwise to register as a superhero for the government.  The greatest aspect of the comic was that mostly everyone was against Cap’s viewpoint and is forced to go into hiding for fear of being captured.  Cap recruits his own team to rebel against Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. which also plays a key role in the story.  Stark does not want to fight Captain America but has no choice in the matter when confronted by Iron-Man and his allies.

A huge war wages between both sides and eventually even the villains play a part when they are recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to take down Captain America.  Of course this doesn’t go according to plan and only makes matters worse.  Even Spider-Man is initially for the registration act when he finally reveals to the world who he really is.  It is a moment that will go down in Marvel comics history.

Another integral part of the story showed how Tony Stark thought he was doing the right thing and felt partially responsible for multiple deaths (including children).  After the incident at the beginning of the story, Tony feels that superheroes are responsible for EVERY act they commit.  Therefore, Tony felt the need to push an act forward that would expose superhero identities and limit their freedom abilities to make their own decisions.  Heroes are now under full control of the government and will be told when they can and cannot intervene in certain situations.  This causes a MAJOR division between the heroes and forces others to pick a side.  We consistently see both sides of the story taking place among the superhero teams.

The Civil War storyline ends with Cap giving up the fight after noticing all of the carnage and wreckage caused by the heroes combating each other.  It’s not like Captain America to surrender but he makes an exception when he realizes that all of this fighting is going nowhere.  Like a true soldier, Cap would die for his county but knows that he will live another day.  The ending of the story is unfortunate as we see Cap get arrested and taken into custody.

That is pretty much how the story ends.  The final scene depicts Tony Stark with Mrs. Miriam Sharp (the woman who influenced Stark into signing the Registration Act after losing her son), gazing up into the sky while inside of a Helicarrier feeling a sense of hope .  Even Tony doesn’t show enough regret until AFTER the effects of Civil War when Captain America is later ***SPOILER ALERT*** assassinated by both Crossbones and Sharon Carter at the stairs of the courthouse.  This actually takes place in another comic book called  The Death of Captain America,  NOT in the actual Civil War storyline which most people (including myself) seem to get confused.

I am not exactly sure what direction the Russo brother’s will be taking this story.  However, it is imperative that the brother’s focus on Captain America’s side of the story while also giving us glimpses of Tony Stark’s vision for a world with registered superheroes.  I want to see BOTH viewpoints and how it may be difficult to choose one side over the other.  With the cast becoming so large, it will be a challenge for the Russo’s to give an ample amount of screen time to other noteworthy Avenger characters including the introduction of the Black Panther, the return of the Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, and of course presumably everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man (which Marvel has still yet to cast an actor for).

This I believe is a very daunting task for the Russo’s to be able to pull off.  However, I believe they are the ones right for the job.  Their passion in  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  proved that they can take a comic book character and relate him to a world set in today’s political agenda.  The idea of stripping away our freedoms cannot be stated anymore bluntly as these are the EXACT issues that are going on in the country today.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the Russo brothers will once again direct a phenomenal film.  This could very well go down as one of the greatest superhero films ever made.  This film will be tough to follow up  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  but I know they will blow us die-hard Marvel fans away once again.  Captain America has a tough challenge ahead of him and I hope that they keep the story focused on him.

So what do YOU all think?  What part of the story should the Russo brothers focus on the most? Please share your thoughts and comment below!


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