5 Things Every Die-Hard Fan Wants From the ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot


C’mon you know the rest!  The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are soon getting another live action reboot except this time, it will not showcase the original members.  Heck as of right now nobody knows what the film will be about.  But if Lionsgate is planning this reboot, then there are a few things I hope that is included in this film in some way shape or form.  Here is a list of “5 Things Every Die-Hard Fan Wants From the  Power Rangers  Reboot.”

1.  The Power Rangers Theme Song

Lets get straight to it.  The Power Rangers would NOT be Power Rangers if it were not for that killer soundtrack.  I grew up in the 90’s and still have that theme song stuck in my head.  It would be fantastic if they could somehow integrate the theme song into the film.  There doesn’t necessarily need to be any lines from the song, I just want to hear the tune somewhere in the film.  It could become a rights issue to include the song, but hopefully Lionsgate will figure something out.

2.  Cameos From the Original Cast

Though not officially confirmed, it looks as though no one from the original cast will be returning. However, nothing is certain, just pure speculation at this point.  If there’s one character they should bring back from the original series, it’s Jason David Frank who played the Red, Green, and White Ranger.  Not knowing the actual story, it would be great if it involved the Green or White Ranger in some way.  Having at least one person from the original cast would be a great nod to the television series and could potentially be used as a good marketing tool for the upcoming film.

3.  Zords    

The super Ultra-Megazord arrives during the finale of every episode in the show to combat the creature they are forced to battle against.  Thanks to the villain Rita Repulsa, the Power Rangers always have a huge fight on their hands.  The Zords are what bring the Power Rangers together (literally) and make them more compelling as a unit.

The only thing I ask Lionsgate to stay away from is making the Zords look to much like a transformer. What I mean by this is that I don’t want this film to turn into a Michael Bay extravaganza.  This film MUST set itself apart similar to what Guillermo Del Toro did with the Jaegers in  Pacific Rim.  If done right, the Zords could look AMAZING on the big screen especially when they all turn into one big fighting machine!    

4.  A Darker Tone (but not too dark)

I’m sure most if not all die-hard Power Rangers fans have seen the dark and gory R-rated fifteen minute film.  If you haven’t you can check out the video below!   If you ask me personally, I will tell you that it doesn’t really feel like a Power Ranger film.  It’s much too dark for my taste and chances are the upcoming film won’t be as dark as this one was especially if they want to advertise the movie to kids and teenagers.  I could see this film being rated PG-13 with intense action without any of the unnecessary blood and gore.  I think this film has potential as long as it does not take the corny route like the kid show did back in the 90’s.

Director Dean Israelite recently came out and stated that the script for the film is “mature but playful.” This could easily mean that while the film has a mature or darker approach, it will still feel like the Power Rangers television series giving much needed nods to those who grew up watching the show. In my opinion, this is a wise decision by the director and I cannot wait to see what the first trailer will bring us.

5.  No Origin Story 

You know what director pulled off a blockbuster hit introducing characters without having seen them before on the big screen?  That director would be Bryan Singer who created the original X-Men films with the first taking place in the year 2000.  For some, this was the movie that started the superhero movie genre we know and love today.  Singer was heavily influenced by Fox’s  X-Men the Animated Series.  He proved to audiences that he could take known characters and put them together in one film without having had an origin story.  Singer crafted a great film and continued this success with the sequels.  

While I approve an origin story especially if they are getting actors in their teens, it would not be a bad idea if they jumped right in and focused solely on the characters having already gained their powers and uniforms to combat the forces of evil.  My expectations aren’t as high as some fans, nevertheless I still want to see the Rangers kick some a** once again in a way that audiences can have a good time in this generation of movie goers.

So what did YOU think of my list?  What other traits from the original tv series do you want to see in this live action feature?  The film is set to release with an unconfirmed date in early 2017.  Please share your thoughts and comment below!


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