5 Most Quotable Lines From the Film ‘Jurassic Park’

“Welcome, to Jurassic Park!”

Ah those words constantly resonate in my brain every time I hear anyone talk about the film  Jurassic Park.  I cannot speak highly enough about this film.  The story, the characters, and most importantly the dinosaurs,  Jurassic Park  gave us breathtaking visuals of what it would look like if dinosaurs were brought back to life.  John Williams’ theme will forever go down as arguably the most beautiful and greatest movie soundtrack of all time.  It gives you a sense of wonder of escaping to another world where only dinosaurs thrive.  It’s certainly one of Steven Spielbergs’ best and will always have a place in my heart.  

Collin Trevarrow is the next man in line to take a crack of bringing back this beloved franchise after the disappointing  Jurassic Park III  which was directed by Joe Johnston.  Jurassic World  will be stomping into theaters this weekend and I cannot wait any longer to revisit Isla Nublar once again.  But before we visit this brand new park, how about I take you back to the film that started it all?  Jurassic Park  had lots of memorable moments and characters but what stands out to me the most (besides the movie soundtrack) is the dialogue from the characters.  So now I present to you my “5 Most Quotable Lines From the Film  Jurassic Park.”  

5.  “What do they got in there, King Kong?’  –Ian Malcom 

This line was set up beautifully when the Ford Explorers are about to enter the famous giant doors that spell  Jurassic Park  at the very top.  It’s also a good nod to those who are a fan of the famous giant gorilla King Kong.  As King Kong enthusiasts will tell you, the natives built a large wall on Skull Island to keep the beasts on the other side from entering their territory.  They also built large doors that would allow them to enter and offer up their sacrifices to the harry beast.  Being a HUGE fan of King Kong, this line was perfectly placed in the film.

4.  “Must go faster! Must go Faster! Must go faster!” -Ian Malcom

Perhaps one of the most terrifying sequences of the film, here Malcom is nearly caught in the backseat of a Jeep by the ferocious T-Rex.  These famous lines were spoken right when the T-Rex is catching up to their vehicle before the hunter Robert Muldoon is able to put the pedal to the medal while veering away from potentially becoming dinner.  The scene was intense and even became sort of a parody in the first sequel to the  Toy Story  franchise when Rex is chasing the gang inside a barbie vehicle in Al’s Toy Barn.

3.  “Clever girl” -Robert Muldoon

The Australian hunter was in my opinion the best supporting character in the film.  Yes, Samuel L. Jackson had his moments to shine in one of his earlier films, but it was Bob Peck’s performance that stood out to me the most.  Peck played a very cautious man who is very skilled with the weapons he carries around.  He is shown at the very beginning of the film and is one of the characters we are introduced to right away.

We get to know his character more as the film progresses so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to see him eventually perish at the teeth of velociraptors.  This famous line takes place as soon as he is about to shoot one of the raptors he sees in the distance before being flanked by another one.  It was too late before he realized that the one raptor was only a decoy and was eventually ambushed by the other to meet his doom.

2.  “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.” -Ian Malcom

This is probably a quote that isn’t restated correctly very often.  Nonetheless it is a very memorable quote from the film especially when you hear Ellie Sattler’s follow up to his statement: “Dinosaurs eat man.  Women inherit the earth.”  Malcom is arguably the best and funniest character in the movie and this line creates the dynamic in the film of man vs dinosaurs.  When man plays God, nothing seems to go in the right direction and that’s exactly what happens here.

1.  “Hold on to your butts.”  -Ray Arnold

That’s classic Samuel Jackson right there.  Starring in one of his earliest roles, Jackson plays Ray Arnold, the chief engineer of the park.  His job is to look after the technological aspects of the theme park and to make sure that everything is running correctly.  Perhaps the most commonly spoken line from the film, this phrase brings about a lot of tension as he tries his best to get the parks operations back online.

So there you have it!  Those are five quotable lines from the film  Jurassic Park  that I chose.  Do YOU agree with my list?  What other lines from the film were memorable to you?  Please tell me what you think and comment below!


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