My Suicide Squad Lineup

Trying to come up with my own Suicide Squad is like asking me to make a list of my FAVORITE all time movie villains.  Sure I could use Hans Gruber’s intellect as a focal point of the group, Darth Vaders force choke and lightsaber skills, Lord Voldemort’s dark magic, or even Agent Smith straight out of the Matrix.

My list is made up of four individuals who must band together to form the most absolutely badass villain team of all time.  They all have their own unique personalities which will set them apart from each other.  Everyone on this list poses some sort of threat.  So let’s get on with it as I present to you my four core members of a Suicide Squad!  

1.  Ivan Drago

This man is the powerhouse of the team for sure.  He will “break” anyone who comes into contact with him.  Drago won’t back down from a fight to the death until someone is victorious.  He’s a fierce fighter and is ready for battle at ALL TIMES.

2.  Biff Tannen

The crazy lunatic of the group.  You can’t have a proper “Suicide Squad” without this ButtHead!  A man of few jokes, Biff is the person who will most likely go down first and doesn’t care one way or the other.  So if you asked me I’d say he’d be the one to “Make like a tree and GET OUT!”

3.  Van Pelt

The ‘sniper’ of the group.  Van Pelt is a shooting machine and can aim with ease without missing his target.  He may look old school but that does not mean he doesn’t know how to use a rifle properly.  He wants his enemies to face him like a man!

4.  Ma-Ma aka Madeline Madrigal

If there’s one woman who I had to pick for this team it’s definitely “Ma-Ma.”  This woman means business even if she is the lead Drug Lord in the film  Dredd.  She will certainly be the leader of this team and will make sure they all get the job done no matter the cost.

So there’s my Suicide Squad list!  Did YOU agree with my list?  What other villains would make a great team together?  Please share and comment below!


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