What Hawkeye Did to Commemorate a Fellow Avenger Is Beautiful and Heartwrenching

If you haven’t noticed by the title, THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD from  Avengers: Age of Ultron!  

Ok, so if you’ve already seen  Avengers: Age of Ultron, then you will know how big Hawkeyes’ role was in the film.  Not only did he give us amazing lines like, “The city is flying, we’re fighting an army of robots, and I have a bow and arrow!  None of this makes sense!,” but he also showed us that he is indeed human without super powers that is fighting with the Avengers.  We learned that Hawkeye has a family and are living somewhere in a safehouse with his wife and two children with a third on the way.  This explains the reasons why Hawkeye had been absent from the previous films.  Even though he is an Avenger, he’s also human and has to take care of his family.

This was a nice touch to a film full of action and Whedon truly brought this character to life.  It should have come as no surprise that he wasn’t having any more of that mind control that he dealt with from the first film.  While his other fellow Avengers succumbed to Scarlet Witch’s nightmarish spells, Hawkeye avoided his turn in the film by stabbing an arrow straight into her forehead.  This gave fans a great nod from the previous film and showed that Hawkeye wasn’t having any of it.

The final battle brought out the very best in Clint Barton.  A mother is shown crying out to her son where Hawkeye being the sworn soldier that he is, bravely runs towards the young kid who is need of assistance.  As soon as Hawkeye reaches him we see Ultron piloting a Quinjet.  Ultron then unleashes a barrage of bullets towards the Hulk and then Hawkeye and the child.  Without a moment to spare, we see Hawkeye turn and attempt to shield the child from sure death.  However, Quicksilver using his super speed, pushes them away from the bullets only to have been shot multiple times. Quicksilver then says the line he and Hawkeye have been reciting the whole movie: “You didn’t see that coming.” No Quicksilver we sure didn’t.

A rather tear-jerking moment, we see Pietro’s body lay next to Hawkeye and the child as he was the Avenger who saved them both.  Quicksilver was the real hero here as he sacrificed his life to save a man who he had fought him throughout the film.  In honor of his death, Hawkeye uses Quicksilver’s name Pietro as his sons middle name. Look closely at the photo below:  ***Unfortunately all of my photos have since been deleted.***

As you can see in the above photos, the name of Hawkeye’s third child is named “Nathaniel Pietro Barton.”  I know it’s hard to make out from this blurry picture, but his shirt is also blue which I have to believe is also a tribute to Quicksilver.

This was such a great way to honor a man who saved his life.  Quicksilver may have gone down, but he will always be remembered as a hero.  Like his sister, when he stepped out that door, he became an Avenger.


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