10 Underrated Movies With Killer Soundtracks

Sometimes in the cinema world there are great films.  Then there are those that are not so great.  But then there are films that kind of meet somewhere in the middle.  Those kind of films may not receive recognition which in my opinion is a shame.  However, I am not writing this article telling you why these films are good or bad.  Like most of us here on MoviePilot, we enjoy talking about movies and why we love watching them over and over and over again.  Well the reason I enjoy this list of films is not just because I think they’re simply entertaining, but they actually have a very well conducted soundtrack to go along with them.  

I have mentioned in previous articles that the soundtrack is in my opinion one of the most important elements in every film.  We wouldn’t have  Jaws  if it wasn’t for John Williams’s impressive score along with  Star Wars,  Jurassic Park  and  Indiana Jones  to name a few.  We also have James Horner who conducted the soundtrack for the film  Braveheart  which is one of my personal favorites. Then there’s also Alan Silvestri who created the  Back to the Future  theme as well as  Forest Gump.  Many people may also not realize that he was the same person who wrote the epic theme for the first Avengers  theme.  I could keep going on with the list but I have to at least mention a few others: Danny Elfman  with Tim Burton’s  Batman  and of course Han’s Zimmer’s  Christopher Nolan’s Batman  theme.

These pieces of music are works of art.  They forever stick into our mind and I’d like to give you a list of ten films that in my opinion were good but what made them stand out to me was their great soundtracks.  This list consists of five live action movies along with five animated films in no particular order.  Please listen and enjoy the soundtracks even if you don’t enjoy the films all that much.  The composers put their heart and soul into their pieces of music which is why I will never blame a movie score for ruining a movie going experience.

Here are the 5 Live Action Films I Chose Based on their Impressive Score

1.  The Rock  (Hans Zimmer)

2.  Armageddon  (Trevor Rabin)

3.  The Perfect Storm  (James Horner)

4.  Oblivion  (M83)

5.  The Village  (James Newton Howard)

Here are the 5 Animated Films I Chose Based on their Impressive Score

6.  Dinosaur  (James Newton Howard)

7.  Atlantis: The Lost Empire  (James Newton Howard)

8.  Treasure Planet  (James Newton Howard)

9.  Brother Bear  (Phil Collins)

10.  The Road To El Dorado  (Elton John)

So those are ten films where the soundtracks seem to overpower the actual film.  I actually enjoyed watching these films but it was the soundtracks that stood out to me more so than the film itself.  Did YOU agree with my list?  What other film soundtracks do you enjoy listening to even if the film wasn’t great?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!


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