5 BIG Reasons To Be Excited For ‘Jurassic World’

Ant-Man, Fantastic Four, Batman vs Superman, Terminator Genisys,  and yes even the  Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens  trailer have blown up the internet and has had everyone speculating about what’s to come for these future blockbuster films.  All of these trailers gave us a sense of satisfaction in some way.  

The second  Ant-Man  trailer gave us more insight to Paul Rudd’s character while also showing us fantastic visuals of him in the suit and combating the films greatest threat: Darren Cross’s Yellowjacket.  Terminator Genisys  dove right into the main plot points of the film perhaps maybe even spoiling the big twist for the diehard terminator fans (let’s hope there’s more to the story than just that twist).  The  Batman vs Superman  trailer emphasized how dark and gritty the DC universe will become and what we’ve come to expect on the latest Zach Snyder’s take on Batman.

Say what you want about the new Josh Tranks upcoming  Fantastic Four  film, but after watching this trailer it has piqued my interest even more.  The tone of the film looks appealing as well as the special effects that look great thus far (specifically how The Thing looks).  Lastly, fans got the (in my honest opinion) best trailer of the bunch when Lucasfilm/Disney released their second teaser trailer for  Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  That shot at the end truly brought  Star Wars  fans together as one big family as we saw the dynamic duo of Han and Chewie on screen once again inside the famous smuggling ship that is the Millennium Falcon.  The fans felt more at “home” than ever before.

However, one trailer that I felt may not have been given much attention to over the past week was the recent  Jurassic World  trailer.  Watch it again right here!  

This trailer looks absolutely incredible!  I believe that this trailer may have been released at the wrong time only because there were so many other trailers before it. Fans could not stop talking about Batman vs Superman  and of course  Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  There are plenty of reasons to look forward to this film and I’ve crafted five of them. So let’s all grab our picks and hammers as we excavate the “5 BIG Reasons To Be Excited For  Jurassic World.”  

5.  Chris Pratt’s Character

Chris Pratt has become a Hollywood icon with his stand out performances voicing Emmet Brickowoski in  The Lego Movie  and of course playing the Han Solo-esque character as Star Lord in last summer’s blockbuster hit,  Guardians of the Galaxy.  Pratt has proven that he is more than capable of carrying a film on his own and his recent depictions in these  Jurassic World  trailers and clips prove that.  He will be playing one of the parks staff as Owen Grady who delivers one of the best lines in the recent trailer:  “They’re dinosaurs.  Wow enough.”  Here, Pratt is attributing to Bryce Dallas Howard’s character’s comment on the process of the parks scientists and researchers believing that by genetically altering a dinosaurs DNA would up the “wow factor” for the park (as if dinosaurs aren’t cool enough).

The biggest and most talked about scene from the very first trailer of  Jurassic World  was when we saw Pratt riding a motorcycle WITH velociraptor’s next to him.  That scene was epic for one BIG reason: The velociraptor’s look to be on our side.  All three of the previous  Jurassic Park  films showed how aggressive and terrifying these creatures were.  Those dinosaurs produced more character deaths in one film (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)  than the T-Rex did COMBINED in all three films.  It’s good to actually see these dinosaurs helping the human race take down this massive dinosaur we now refer to as the Indominous Rex.  Pratt’s character looks to be in for a wild ride and I cannot wait to see how his character is further developed.

4.  More Dinosaurs!

Expect the end credits to say something like: There were no dinosaurs harmed during the making of this film!  Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and yes even more dinosaurs this time around for  Jurassic World. The first  Jurassic Park  film brought us a T-Rex, Dilophosaurus’s, Velociraptor’s, a Triceratops, and a Brachiosaurus.  The Lost World: Jurassic Park  brought us even more dinosaurs including more Velociraptor’s, two T-Rex’s (and a baby), and Stegosaurus’s.  Jurassic Park III  once again brought us Velociraptor’s along with Pterodactyl’s and a T-Rex as well as a brand new dinosaur antagonist called the Spinosaurus.

We have seen different dinosaur species throughout the films however this latest film will bring us not only a new dinosaur hybrid but also the gigantic Mosasaurus.  Like Shamu at Seaworld, the Mosasaurus gets to put on a show.  We are not quite sure how much of a role the Mosasaurus will play in this film, but from what we’ve seen so far the dinosaurs’ a sure crowd-pleaser.  I mean who can forget the creature rising up from the lake consuming a great white shark whole?!  Also at the end of the recent trailer we see a Pterodactyl trying to escape the enormous teeth of the Mosasaurus (that didn’t work out so well).  Bottom line, expect lots of dinosaur action in this film.

3.  John Williams’ Theme Will Be Heard (Although Michael Giacchino will be conducting the Score)

Like lots of memorable film scores before it including  Star Wars,  Indiana Jones,  Jaws,  Superman, and  ET: The Extra Terrestrial,  John Williams has become the embodiment of famous movie themes. If you asked someone what makes  Star Wars, Indiana Jones,  and  Jaws  truly memorable and the person does not mention the score, that person is either A) Drunk, B) On Drugs, or C) Couldn’t care less about those movies.  It cannot be overstated: without those scores, the films would NOT have been as great as they are.  Steven Spielberg himself has said that John William’s simple but epic score in  Jaws  was roughly 50% of the movie.  In other words, the movie would not have worked without that score.

Jurassic Park  has been and always will be my favorite John Williams score of all time (calm down Star Wars  fans).  There’s just something about the main theme that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I hear it (It also helps that I play the piano and is the central instrument you hear in this theme).  It’s a piece of music that I could listen to anytime of the day everyday.  It has the feel of excitement sprinkled in with a sense of wonder and discovery of a new place we are about to experience.  Simply put,  Jurassic Park  would not be fully alive without the extraordinary piece of art that John Williams has crafted for us to experience again and again.  Sit back, relax, and take it all in once again by clicking the video below:  

2.  The Film Makes You Feel Like You Are a Part of the Experience

Do you remember that first trailer we saw of the film back in November of last year?  Of course you do!  But the real question is, do you remember how they were SELLING the film?  Before we get a glimpse of the park and what it features we are shown a few clips of the family getting ready to go on their adventure.  The trailer fades back and it reads “On June 12, The Park, Is Open.”  The creators at Universal Studios want the fans to become a part of this experience.  They want to make us feel as if we are traveling with this family in the film to experience this park for the very first time.

The trailer showcases multiple attractions including the Mosasaurus Feeding Show, the Cretaceous Cruise, and the Gyrosphere.  This is a great way to market this film and views us not as fans but as ACTUAL visitors to the park.  Heck they even have their own website which gives you everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know about the park.  The site lists the weather, attraction times, park hours, tickets, dining, and extensive information about the company  Masrani Inc.  This website is just another added bonus to keep us intrigued for this film and makes me even more excited.  You can check out the website by clicking here.

1.  That Sense of Nostalgia

While I have already mentioned John Williams’ key role in bringing these films to life there are plenty of other ways that will carry back the nostalgia for hard core fans such as myself.  One of the those ways is seeing the great big doors yet again in this film with the new words titled  Jurassic World. The first film brought us  Jurassic Parks’  iconic symbol of the doors that let guests into the world of dinosaurs while going on a guided tour inside of a Ford Explorer.  Perhaps the best part of the doors scene in the film was when Jeff Goldblum’s character humorously asked “What do they got in there King Kong?”  Expect something similar to this dialogue from Chris Pratt’s character in the film.

Another sense of nostalgia I get from watching these trailers is from one particular dinosaur and that’s the Velociraptor.  This dinosaur species has played a central role in EVERY one of the previous Jurassic Park  films.  However, seeing them on the “good side” now gives these dinosaurs a different perspective from what we are used to seeing.  Yes they are vicious creatures and are not to be messed with but Pratt’s character is somehow able to tame them declaring “It’s not about control. It’s a relationship.”  It will be interesting to see how this develops in the film.

A final piece of nostalgia that I look forward to is the use of practical effects.  Yes even the first film had its share of groundbreaking CGI but what made the film really stand out was the close ups of the dinosaurs that were not computerized.  Some of these dinosaurs specifically the T-Rex was created as an animatronic for certain scenes.  It has been stated by the director himself that his team would be using CGI as well as practical effects to bring these dinosaurs once again back to life.  As far as how much CGI will be used compared to practical effects is still up for debate at this point.  When viewing these trailers, one gets the sense that it will be more CGI heavy which is rather unfortunate. However, as long as the film can utilize some form of practical effects, (preferably more towards the dinosaurs) that would be fine by me.  We will just have to wait and see when the film is released on June 12.

So those are my five BIG reasons why we should all be excited to see  Jurassic World.  Did you agree with my list?  What makes YOU more excited to see this film?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!                                                      


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