IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED: Someone Will Perish In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

As if you didn’t already know by the name of the title, this post may contain some SPOILERS so proceed with caution.

It has been confirmed yesterday by  Entertainment Weekly  that someone (most likely an Avenger) will die sometime during the duration of the film.  The website posted an article titled “Avengers: Age of Ultron: What you want to know– and what you DON’T.”  The article highlights some of the intriguing aspects of the film that gives brief descriptions of some of the characters including the mysterious character the Vision.  I will not write about the other parts of the article here due to the fact that it may contain some spoilers for the viewers but if you’d like to check out the article you can click right here.  However, what I wish to touch on is the fact that the article mentions to you that “You’ll want to know” that someone does perish in this upcoming Marvel blockbuster film.

Here is the entire written piece from the site:

“Someone dies. Someone important. And unlike other deaths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this person goes down and stays down. No final-reel resurrection or misdirection. Marvel has cried wolf a bit too often in this department, so while it would be a truly rotten spoiler to reveal which character falls in Age of Ultron, it actually ups the suspense to go in knowing that not everyone will make it out.”

The key word in that paragraph is important.  How important this character is, is clearly a mystery. There are plenty of characters or Avengers for that matter, that we can immediately list off who most certainly will not die (at least not in this film).  Those characters would be Captain America (Captain America: Civil War),  Iron-Man  (Captain America: Civil War),  Hawkeye  (Captain America: Civil War), Black Widow  (Captain America: Civil War),  Falcon  (Captain America: Civil War),  and Thor (Thor: Ragnarok).  Those characters we know for sure will make it out alive in some way or another.

However, there are quite a few characters that may not be so lucky and those are:  Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Hulk, War Machine, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and the Vision.  There is also Loki and Heimdall who we know will appear briefly in the film possibly setting up  Thor: Ragnarok.  So those two I’m going to immediately cross off the list.

Nick Fury has been teased of dying before so I don’t think they’ll do that again at least not right now. He also has a few more movies in his contract as well.  Maria Hill is an interesting choice but I have a strong feeling she will be cast to star in  Captain America: Civil War.  For those of you who have read those comics, you will know that she does play an integral role.

Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are possibilities but I believe they are to new to the franchise for Joss Whedon to kill off as soon as he introduces them.  They both seem like they will be very important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.  Vision is another character that technically has been around for a while when you factor in that J.A.R.V.I.S. is the mind inside of him. However, it seems that Paul Bettany who plays the Vision is very excited to have a “human-like” appearance after voicing Tony Starks AI in all of the  Iron-Man  films including 2012’s  Marvel: The Avengers.  Therefore I believe the android will survive as well.   

Hulk is another character that we all love and adore but I don’t think you can really “kill” the Hulk even if you tried.  Mark Ruffalo has played Bruce Banner beautifully ever since Edward Norton’s departure after his only film.  So I can’t see Whedon killing off this original Avenger’s member.

Which now leaves the only person who I truly believe WILL be killed off in  Avengers: Age of Ultron. That person is James Rhodes aka War Machine.  I have already written my belief on this way back when so you can check out that article right here if you’d like.

I believe this death to weigh to heavily on Tony Sharks shoulders which will make him even more angry to take down the creation he made himself.  Rhodes has been someone important maybe not to the franchise entirely, but individually yes.  When  Entertainment Weekly  stated that it’s “someone important” they may not necessarily mean it’s a person who is extremely valuable to the team.  What if they mean it is someone who is important to “someone?”  Now there’s a thought.

Clearly Rhodey has been a big part in Tony Starks life.  Like Falcon, he has remained loyal to his partner in all of the films he has played in.  The death in my opinion HAS to be War Machine and I will constantly defend my answer (at least until I actually see the film and find out for myself).

It is good news in my opinion that we know someone will actually DIE in this film.  We thought Agent Phil Coulson was dead in  Marvels: The Avengers  but was later brought back in  Marvel’s: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  We also thought Nick Fury was tragically assassinated by the Winter Soldier, but we later found out he was alive.  The only death thus far that we believe was permanent was Thor’s mother: Frigga.  We saw Malekith order Kurse to kill her and a funeral followed shortly after.

Her death was upsetting especially for Thor, but I don’t think anyone can deny that a REAL Avenger death will be hurtful.  Watching a fellow member of the Avengers die at the hands of Ultron or his drones would be like seeing a brother or a close friend perish in a war.  These Avengers have worked together for a while now and to see them watch one of their friends die would be heartbreaking.

While I am sure I will be rather heartbroken for this death in the film, it’s interesting to see Marvel take this darker approach in that they are actually willing to kill off a character in their massive franchise. We all know Joss Whedon likes killing off his characters, but obviously whoever it is, Marvel and Disney would have had to first approve of it.  In which this case, it looks like most if not all were in agreement.

So who do YOU believe will perish in  Avengers: Age of Ultron?  Please share your thoughts and comment below!  *****I will ask that you please DO NOT reveal who will die in case the word gets out before the movie is released.*****  I for one DO NOT want to be spoiled and I do read all comments that are posted.  So please keep the postings up for discussions.  I always enjoy these types of debates.                 


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