Will Groot Speak More Fluently in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2?’

“I am Groot!;”  “I AM Groot;” or even “I AM GROOOOOTTTT!!!!!”  Do you think his name is Groot?

Guardians of the Galaxy  was such a hit, that people are super excited to find out what’s next in store for our favorite team of heroic outlaws.  From Star-Lord to Drax the Destroyer, these characters were undeniably hilarious as they put on quite a show for us last year.  I know that most of us are excited for the upcoming heroes vs robots in  Avengers: Age of Ultron  as well as seeing a man talk to ants in Paul Rudd’s  Ant-Man.  But I wanted to pose a question with a potential answer:  “Will Groot speak more fluently in  Guardians of the Galaxy 2?”    

James Gunn did a phenomenal job with arguably his biggest hit in  Guardians of the Galaxy  therefore he deserves the majority of the credit.  The film surprised many fans (including myself) as to how awesome and fun it really was.  Whenever you ask who the standout star was in that movie, I’d be willing to bet that most people would vote for Rocket Raccoon.  However, if it wasn’t for the tree talker named Groot, Rocket would not have been a part of the team.  Those two have been with each other for a long time as mentioned in the film.

When Star-Lord asks why Groot talks the way he does, Rocket responds saying, “Well he don’t know talkin’ good like me and you, so his vocabulistics is limited to “I” and “am” and “Groot,” exclusively in that order.”  Only Rocket is able to decipher what Groot is saying depending on his facial expressions as well as his tone of voice.

Throughout the film, Groot constantly says the same phrases over and over and over again, each with a different meaning.  Then we get to the ending.

WARNING: If you have not seen this film (Shame on you!!!) or don’t know or want to know what happens at the end, please stop reading NOW.  Ok, still hear?  Fantastic!

So anyways, at the end of the film, Groot must make a BIG decision.  Save himself, or save his friends? Of course he chooses the latter.  At the cost of his life, Groot is able to use himself to construct a shield made of his own plant-like body.  He saves the group, however unfortunately at the cost of his “life cycle.”  This is the part that I believe may be significant moving forward specifically for Groot’s character.  As Groot is beginning to shield everyone from the blast of Ronan’s ship, Groot spouts out “We are GROOT.”  You can watch the heart warming clip down below.  

A bit distinctive from his usual dialogue I might add.  While only a slight difference, Groot changes the wording from “I” to “We” and “am” to “are.”  This could prove highly significant for Groot as we move forward into Phase 3 of Marvel’s cinematic universe.  What I mean by significant, I mean Groot may have an expanded vocabulary by the time GOTG2 arrives.

The reasoning behind all of this?  Well, since Groot “died” and is now being “reborn,” I believe there’s a good chance that the gang can help speak to Groot and allow him to broaden his vocabulary. Who’s the best person to raise him for this job?  His best buddy Rocket of course!

Groot and Rocket have such a great relationship together that there is no reason why Rocket can’t help him learn a few more words here and there.  By teaching him while he’s young and slowly growing, Groot can maybe or possibly be easier to understand.  This could take the load off of Rocket as everyone else may be able to recognize and communicate better with him.

A similar situation happened to Bruce Banner.  As the Hulk, Banner learned to cope with his alter Jekyll and Hyde character ego and eventually began speaking more fluently as he became more accustomed to changing into the green beast.  He also became smarter when he turned into the Grey Hulk which increased his brain power.  So why not have a similar scenario for Groot?  After all, he is the “Hulk” of the group.  He’s big, strong, just without the temper issue.

Having Groot speak more fluent would be very beneficial for the team especially if Rocket were ever out of commission.  Who else would be able to chat and communicate with him?  The answer: NO ONE.  This goes to show how crucial it is for Groot to bolster his terminology and make him much more valuable and credible to the team.  I’m sure Vin Diesel would also be content with more added dialogue.

So what do YOU guys think?  Do you believe that James Gunn will give Groot more to say in the next film?  Or do you think Groot will only say the words “I am Groot” from here on out?  Please share and comment below!

But first, lets all take a moment and enjoy baby Groot, one last time!  


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