Top 5 Spider-Man Costumes That Should Be Worn In A Film

Unless you’ve been living in a pineapple under the sea, you all know that our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will soon be joining the cinematic universe!  Spider-Man as you are all aware has been portrayed by both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.  Now this article is NOT about who has played the better Spider-Man, but rather the costumes that the character has worn over the years. Spider-Man has had a VAST number of costumes and the majority of them have been shown in the television series.  There really has only been three different costumes that have been worn between Maguire and Garfield.  The only costume that was far different from the original one, was the venom/symbiote version that McGuire wore in Raimi’s  Spider-Man 3.  However, since the wall-crawler will now be portrayed by a new actor, should they stick with the original Spider-Man look that was brought back in last summer’s  The Amazing Spider-Man 2?  My answer to that question is Yes/No.

While I completely enjoy watching Spider-Man zip through New York city, I believe that a change of costume is in order.  As I said, I am completely fine with Marvel sticking with his original costume, but there is SO MUCH MORE they could choose from in the Spidey closet.  Down below is a list of five costumes that I believe the writers should consider using as potential options for our web-slinging hero.  These are just suggestions, but I think any of these costumes would be worth using.  It was extremely hard to make this list so PLEASE take that into consideration.  So here we go!

5.  Miles Morales Spider-Man Costume

This costume is the one that the Miles Morales character wears.  While I am not a fan of this particular Spider-Man storyline, I do however enjoy the costume very much.  It has a much darker look to it with a splash of red on the front of it.  The spider emblem can still be seen in the middle and the webs continue to wrap around his mask much like the original costume.  The two thick red lines that also go around the shoulders look pretty badass as well.

4.  Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider Costume

The Scarlet Spider costume was worn by Ben Reilly who was made famous during the  Clone Saga in the Marvel comics.  This costume features Reilly wearing a blue sweater with a mostly red colored outfit.  However, what I enjoy most about this costume is not the blue jacket, but rather the shape of his eyes on his mask.  They look AWESOME.  So if they decide to make a new Spider-Man costume, I think it would be really cool to incorporate the eyes from the Scarlet Spider.

3.  Spider-Man Unlimited Costume

The Spider-Man Unlimited costume looks AMAZING.  Another darker look for the wall-crawler is in order.  The dark blue and red along his arms and legs look incredible as well as the red spider emblem on his shirt.  If you look closely, the arms of the spider actually extend all along his arms which is yet another detail that stands out.  The only part of the costume I don’t care for is the added webbing under his arms for flight.  A similar look to Spider-Woman, Spider-Man however can do without the need for flight.  Swinging from building to building is more his style anyways.

2.  Superior Spider-Man Costume

The Superior-Spider-Man costume features yet another dark look.  This time however, there is very little red, with more dark blue colors throughout.  The spider emblem also takes center stage once again as the arms of the spider extend out to match the rest of his costume.  His eyes also appear to stand out more as they have a reflection look or a mirror image if you will.  Even though it’s not shown here, this costume does come with extra arms as this is the costume that Otto Octavius takes over to become Spider-Man.  (Please no octopus arms for Peter thank you).  The costume comes from a rather strange comic book storyline, however this stands out as one of the best.  However, I have saved the best costume for last.

1.  Spider-Man 2099 Costume

Yet another character who plays Spider-Man while wearing this costume from the comics.  This characters name was Miguel O’Hara.  The costume in my opinion is one of the best looking costumes any superhero could wear.  This suit looks like Spider-Man with the skull of the Punisher and the claws of Wolverine.  What is there NOT to like about this costume?  There’s a SKULL like spider in the middle of the shirt for Pete’s sake!  Kinda reminds me of those Skulltulas from  Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora’s Mask.  The razor sharp claws also stand out as they are located right along his arms for easy slicing and dicing.  The dark blue color also blends nicely with the red.

Other than the traditional Spider-Man costume, I’d have to say that this costume would be my next favorite. However since Marvel has stated that they intend to bring in a young actor, I cannot see a high school teenager wearing such a costume like this so this one’s pretty much out. However, if they decide to go with an older Peter Parker with a wife and maybe children, then I would absolutely want this costume worn.  It would definitely bring a much different approach and look to our lovable hero.

So what do YOU all think about these costumes?  Do you agree that Spider-Man should have a much different look or do you think Marvel should just stay traditional?  There’s plenty of other cool looking costumes so what other ones that I missed do you feel Spider-Man should wear in a film?  Please share and comment below!!!


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Spider-Man Costumes That Should Be Worn In A Film

  1. What the freaking hell spider man should look like spider man from the start not some wierd spider thing/ venom shit…. Oh well what they sldecide I’ll provably disagree with anyway wtf!


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