How ‘Captain America: Civil War’ May Change the Way We View Superheroes

Superheroes, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em.  They have been around for decades fighting crime, saving lives, and even teaming up to take down the ultimate villains.  But how does one view a superhero?  When someone asks you the definition of a superhero, what do you say?  These are some of the questions that have been asked and answered over and over and over again.  However, I believe that when  Captain America: Civil War  comes around, the ‘younger’ generation may look at superheroes differently.  In other words, heroes won’t be fighting WITH each other but rather AGAINST each other.  Here are a few reasons why I deem that  Captain America: Civil War  may change the way we view superheroes:

In the past, superheroes have fought each other only once.  The 1973 comic book series titled  The Avengers/Defenders War  was only the start of our heroes clashing with one another.  Other titles that have recently been released that placed our heroes against each another includes 2008’s  Secret Invasion,  2007’s  World War Hulk,  and of course 2006’s  Civil War.  However, none of these comic book storylines have been told on the big screen, until now.  Captain America: Civil War  will be released in theaters on May 6, 2016 and will put our two most beloved Marvel heroes against one another: Tony Stark/Iron Man and Steve Rogers/Captain America.         

These two heroes have been with us throughout the Marvel cinematic universe.  Tony Stark began his debut in 2008’s  Iron Man.  Respectively, Captain America also made his debut in 2011’s  Captain America: The First Avenger.  The two have fought together only once thus far in 2012’s  Marvels: The Avengers.  But, both of them have been dedicated helping to save humanity and defeating anyone who gets in their way.

The Civil War  storyline is very violent and depressing and has a very tragic ending.  I will not spoil that ending (at least not in this article).  If you want to learn more of Marvel’s  Civil War  click right here.  This change of scenery for our heroes may change the way as we know them today.

Superheroes that we all love and endure have that feeling of courage and guts and will fight till the end never giving up.  However, what these newer comic book storylines have told us is that not all superheroes are in agreement with each other.  When you have a team of superheroes, there’s bound to be some disagreement between them.

The Justice League for instance had many disagreements in the past, but they always seemed to resolve their issues at hand with Batman sometimes being the exception.  But, that’s the point.  Excluding the comic book storyline  Batman vs Superman, there really hasn’t been any stories where our favorite DC heroes began fighting against each other.  Batman was mainly the one who was never pleased with working as a team player.

Marvel’s  Civil War  story is the most gutsiest superhero tale ever written.  In a short summary, the government has asked all superheroes to reveal their true identity to the public and is proposing the Superhuman Registration Act.  This Act was intended to “register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction and requiring all costumed heroes to unmask themselves before the government and subject themselves to federally mandated standards.”

Captain America was one of the few heroes who remained against this law and began to form his own team to help fight anyone who wanted to take away their freedom.  Iron-Man was the one who pursed this act to become law therefore pitting himself against other heroes.  He along with both Ant-Man and Mr. Fantastic lead a team of superheroes to combat Captain America’s forces who were against the Registration Act.  Captain America went immediately into hiding and would later fight an epic battle opposed to Iron-Man’s forces.  Cap would eventually surrender after seeing all of the massive destruction surrounding him.  What happened next is a MAJOR spoiler and thus will not be mentioned.

My point is that this film COULD change the way we view our heroes especially the ‘younger’ generation.  As much as we all enjoy watching everyone fighting alongside each other, it will be far more interesting to see Captain America throwing a punch or his shield at the man who started the team-up of the Avengers.  It will be an epic showdown of the ages, but not one without major consequences.

Iron-Man could not have said this any better in the upcoming  Avengers: Age of Ultron  movie:  “This is the end.  The end of the path I’ve started us on.”  Scarlet Witch responds with:  “Nothing lasts forever.”  Nothing lasts forever indeed.  The biggest inner struggle our heroes have to face will take place on May 6, 2016.  Who will win: Iron-Man or Captain America?  We will have to wait and see…

So what do YOU all think?  Will your view of superheroes change AFTER watching  Captain America: Civil War?  Who do you think will win the battle?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!                         



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