5 Things most fans DO NOT want to see in ‘Terminator Genisys’

“I’ll be back.”  Wow, Arnold wasn’t kidding when he spoke his most famous line in 1984’s Terminator.  Hollywood is literally bringing back the ‘oldies.’  From an announced reboot of a female led  Ghostbusters  back to the exciting park of  Jurassic World,  Hollywood is having us dust off our VHS copies of our favorite films.  With Hollywood’s crave for movie reboots it’s hard for audiences to refrain from being overly eager on this modern take of a beloved franchise.

Ghostbusters,  Jurassic Park,  heck even  Mad Max  are all either getting a reboot or are continuing the story that they have told so well over the years.  With the recent trailer for  Terminator Genisys,  I thought I’d craft a list of things that I as well as most diehard fans, DON’T want to see in this contemporary film.  Even though this film is NOT considered an official reboot, the trailer does in fact refer to previous happenings from  Terminator  AND  Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  Here are five things that a true  Terminator  fundamentalist would NOT want to see in 2015’s  Terminator Genisys.            

5.   Too much special effects


What really stood out for both  Terminator  and  Terminator 2: Judgment Day  was the awesome use of practical effects:  The robot cyborgs, the chase scenes (specifically the flood-control channel in T2), the explosions, and of course all of the hand to hand combats.  Both these films were masterly directed by James Cameron.

It is unfortunate that Cameron will not partake in  Genisys,  but our only hope is that Alan Taylor will have taken plenty of notes from one of the greatest film directors in Hollywood history.  More practical effects and less special effects could actually rebuild this franchise after the disappointing Terminator Salvation.  This film was far too heavy on CGI which I believe led to part of its downfall.  We can only hope that  Genisys  will ignite some life back into this corroded franchise.

4.   The same take on the T-1000


In 1992, Robert Patrick was considered for a role so important that left a legacy not only for fans of the original  Terminator  but to help  Terminator 2: Judgment Day  become one of the greatest if the not THE greatest sci-fi action movies of all time.  Patrick played the ruthless T-1000 who was assigned to hunt down and destroy the then ten year old John Connor who was the child of Sarah Connor.  With ground breaking technology, Patrick became a liquid-metal based machine hybrid who would stop at nothing until his mission was complete.  This aspect of the CGI technology worked tremendously in T2.

It would be smart for the director to stick with this concept.  However, this T-1000 should have something more unique.  We all know it can turn its body into any shape it wishes but we NEED to see something different.  New fans and old fans alike do not just want to see the same old same old ie: swords for hands or slipping through cracks.  Give the villain something else to feast our eyes on.  If there’s anything Cyberdyne can learn from, it’s that liquid metal is not immune to the cold.  The film makers may want to explore this option a bit and possibly give him another upgrade that would enhance his capabilities.  This could potentially create some amazing action sequences.

3.   A puzzling storyline


While no one can deny that  Termintor 1 and 2  were by far the best in the series,  Genisys  could possibly live up to the hype of the original films.  However, this does not mean to recycle similar footage we have already seen previously.  This also unfortunately includes the story.

We already know Cyberdyne is evil.  Check.  We also understand that John Connor must be hunted down and killed by the robots.  Also check.  These are two very important details that really don’t need any introduction.  This film should just be a film on its own.  It’s ok to every once and a while refer back to the previous films.  However, if the movie consistently shows flashbacks and constantly references the importance of John and Sarah Connor, this film will no doubt lose my attention.

In my opinion, one of the biggest downfalls in any Hollywood film is not the acting, the special effects, or the theme.  The most significant part of any movie is the STORY.  If the film is executed poorly from the likes of the story, then you can just count me out of watching that film.  The one major issue that EVERY director should absolutely avoid doing is creating a confusing storyline.  I enjoyed the trailer for this movie, but it seems a bit perplexing.  Is this a reboot or not?  Why is the word  Genisys  in the title and what does it mean?  What time period will  Terminator  Genisys  follow?  These essential questions must be answered in the film succinctly.  If not, viewers will be lost in the plot and may check out of the film completely.

2.   MORE Schwartzenegger, LESS Clarke and Courtney


Take a close look at the photo pictured above.  See anyone missing?  That’s right, no Arnold.  This may be a tough pill to swallow, but this film should NOT focus solely on Schwartzenegger.  Name a Schwartzenegger film that was recently a BIG hit?  The Last Stand?  Nope.   Escape Plan?  Try again.  How about  Sabatoge?  Nah.  See a trend here?

I could give you all of the numbers at the box office but I’ll save you some reading time.  As a side note, none of these movies have done well at the box office.  But why not?  Arnold is perhaps one of the greatest action stars from the 1980’s and 1990’s!  That’s just it.  No one seems to care about Schwartzenegger as much as we used to.  Granted, he played in plenty of amazing movies like  Predator,  True Lies,  Total Recall,  Commando,  and  Conan the Barbarian.  I mean who could forget his greatest performance as the maniacal Mr. Freeze in  Batman & Robin  (ok I’m just kidding about this one).

My point is that Arnold is not reeling in the same crowds like he did in the past.  Clearly the most obvious reason is his age (he’s 67).  However, no matter what movie he performs in, the general public does not seem to be interested.  With exception to the  Expendable  franchise, there haven’t been any movies recently that have had fans chatting about the once kick-ass action hero.  So, if this movie were to be completed effectively, it may be best to limit Arnold in the film.  Flash the spotlight on other characters in the film and let them have a chance to shine.  This is yet another aspect of the film that could either help or hurt it.

1.   Too Many Schwartzenegger One Liner’s


“Hasta la vista, baby!,” “Come with me if you want to live,” and of course everyone’s favorite, “I’ll be back.”  These quotes have certainly become the highlight of Schwartzenegger’s career.  But do we really need to re-use these amazing quotes in the new film?  The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Like I mentioned in my previous point, Arnold must take a step down for this film to be successful.  He should not play an integral role and will hopefully not be told to say these zany one liner’s that have been recited over and over and over again.  Unfortunately Hollywood may head in this direction.  In the trailer, we hear Sarah Connor (played by Emilia Clarke) say, “Come with me if you want to live.”  Towards the end of the trailer, we also hear Arnold rehearse his famous line, “I’ll be back.”

This may be one of those nit-picky things that bother me with movies today, but don’t be surprised if these one liners turn off the most loyal fans of the films.  These catch phrases could also help make or break this film.  However, we won’t know for sure until  Terminator Genisys  hits theaters on July 1, 2015.

Are you excited for  Terminator Genisys?  What kind of things do you want featured in the film?  Is there anything you hope isn’t included in the film?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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