3D Films are “Stealing” Your Money

How many of you would rather watch a 2D film as opposed to a 3D one?  I’ll bet that most of you would probably choose 2D.  But why does it seem like EVERY movie that gets released now has to have a 3D version released in theaters?  The answer is clearly simple… THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!!!

The movie industry is clearly a business.  Directors, producers, and actors all get a salary based on how well the revenue is on the film that’s released in theaters.  So it’s no coincidence that Hollywood is going to try and persuade their audience to get the most “bang for their buck” with their films.

Who can blame them?  If I ran a business and was selling a product, I would do WHATEVER it took to get the product advertised and sell as many copies of the product as possible based on supply and demand.  Whatever my clients want or ask for, I would do my best to put out the best possible product.  This is the same analogy in the movie industry to a certain extent.  However, the movie industry will produce films “hoping” that they will be successful in both 2D AND 3D.  But have there ever been films where the 3D actually works and looks better than the 2D version?  The answer is YES.

There have been numerous 3-D films in the past that have actually looked equal to if not better than its 2D counterpart.  Films such as  Avatar,  Tron Legacy,  and  Resident Evil Afterlife  are such examples where 3D outperformed the 2D version of those films.

Read More:  http://gizmodo.com/5841182/2d-versions-of-films-are-out-performing-their-pricey-3d-counterparts.

One of the films that I personally enjoyed viewing in 3D was Alfonso Cuarón’s,  Gravity.  This film may not have been specifically made for 3D visuals but man the effects were spectacular and looked like you were traveling in space with Sandra Bullock.  This was a prime example where a film perfectly utilized 3D visuals to their advantage.  As I said before, there are many films that are still being released that were unnecessary and only made to obtain more money from the audience.

Since movie ticket prices and concession stands are much too expensive now a day’s, people would be foolish to purchase an additional $5 or more to see a film in 3D.  That’s five more dollars a person!!! That all adds up pretty quickly especially if you’re willing to purchase some popcorn and a drink which would total to $10 at most places!

So do all yourselves a favor.  If you’re planning on seeing a movie, please go see it in 2D.  It’s well worth saving the extra $5 (or more) for your enjoyment.  Not to mention if you wear glasses (like me), the 3D glasses can get in the way and potentially ruin the movie going experience.  It can also make you feel dizzy at times.  Don’t let the 3D visuals get in the way and don’t let them sucker you in to buying the more expensive ticket.  Play it smart, make the right decision, and everything will be fine. Now go out and enjoy the way movies are supposed to be enjoyed… IN 2D!!!!!!!

So what do you guys think?  Do you prefer to watch movies in 3D or the traditional 2D?   Please comment below and share your thoughts!



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