5 Christmas Movies that are NOT about Christmas

Well, it’s that time of the year again when families gather together to celebrate the joy of Christmas.  Seeing as how we’re only just a few days away from Christmas, I thought I’d post something in reference to Christmas movies.  No I don’t mean films where the main theme IS Christmas, but rather films that take place DURING Christmas.  In other words, these movies don’t have a direct relation to the holiday. So now I would like to share with you five “Christmas movies” that deserve a look this holiday season.

   5.  P2  (2007)


Coming in at #5 we have a film for those who enjoy a good horror movie.  Often overlooked, this film involves a corporate climber named Angela who ends up working overtime during Christmas Eve.  However, that is the least of her troubles.  A security guard named Thomas  (played by Wes Bentley) who works at a nearby parking garage, has been obsessed over this woman ever since she began working there.  With no one around to assist her, Angela becomes his victim and must struggle to survive until help arrives.  This film is full of physical and mental confrontations in which Angela must fight in order to get out alive. There is not a lot of gore to go around however there are quite a few scenes that will make you cringe.  More of a psychological thriller than a blood and gore fest,  P2  takes place during the Christmas season and will leave you wishing that you NEVER wind up in a place where Angela spent her Christmas Eve.  Overall a solid film that’s at least worth giving it a try.

   4.  Batman Returns  (1992)


At #4 we have Tim Burton’s sequel to the hit 1989’s  Batman  starring Michael Keaton as the caped crusader.  This time, Batman must face off against two villains:  The dreadful Penguin  (played by Danny DeVito)  and the cunning Catwoman  (played by Michelle Pfeiffer).  This film puts our hero against two of Gotham’s nastiest villains and will surrender at nothing until they get what they want.  Another film that takes place during the Christmas holiday, Batman must struggle with his inner self after realizing that Catwoman is one of his love interests.  Batman Returns  is not a great film but not a terrible one either.  I still prefer Jack Nicolson’s rendition of the Joker, but Danny DeVito knocks it out of the park as the hideous Penguin.  It is unfortunate that even Batman can’t enjoy his holiday season but rather fight crazy villains to bring about peace in Gotham city.

   3.  Die Hard  (1988)


“Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fu****!”  This is most certainly the most famous line in all of the film and the most memorable.  Die Hard  is another film that ruins the Christmas spirit for everyone in the movie.  An L.A. P. D. cop named John McClane  (Bruce Willis)  must battle a bunch of terrorists who have their eyes focused on $600 million locked inside of a high-tech safe.  The Nakatomi Corporation is now being run by terrorists and is holding hostages all within the building.  It is up to John McClane to save the hostages including his wife Holly and secure the money before the terrorists have any chance to escape.  Die Hard  is a brilliant action film that stars  one of Hollywood’s best villains to ever grace the big screen.  Alan Rickman puts on a dazzling performance as the crafty villain who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.  This is no doubt a film that deserves multiple views and is perfect for the holiday season.

   2.  Gremlins  (1984)


Don’t get them wet.  Don’t expose them to any bright lights.  And don’t ever EVER feed them after midnight.  These three simple rules is what one MUST follow if he/she are to own one of these adorable little creatures.  Gremlins  is a comedy/horror film that begins with an inventor who wants nothing more than to surprise his son Billy with the perfect gift for the holidays.  The father purchases a “Mogwai” as they are formerly called from a Chinatown’s shopkeeper’s grandson.  Billy receives the gift with open arms and is told the three most important rules for watching over a “Mogwai.”  As to be expected, accidents happen with destructive results.  Produced by Steven Spielberg,  Gremlins  is a film that does not take itself too seriously.  The town eventually becomes overrun with these repulsive creatures and Billy and his girlfriend Kate must destroy them before it is too late.  A fun film with plenty of charm that is just right for Christmas.

   1.  Home Alone  (1990)


How in the world do you forget your child?  Even if parents have a lot of children, shouldn’t they at least keep some sort of check list?  Home Alone  is a film that stars Macaulay Culkin as a young boy named Kevin who is left behind while the rest of his family heads to the airport for a holiday vacation in France.  Kevin is forced to fend for himself.  However, that is the least of his worries.  Two thieves  (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern)  will stop at nothing to rob every house in the suburban Chicago neighborhood.  One of their targets is of course the house that Kevin is currently living in.  The film has plenty of slap-stick comedy humor that will delight kids as well as adults.  The traps that Kevin constructs to fight the burglars is very creative.  One of the most likeable child actors of the 90’s, Culkin gives one of his best performances and will always be remembered for this role.

So there you have it.  These are five films that I believe are worth viewing during the Christmas season.  They may not necessarily be considered holiday classics, but that should not prevent anyone from watching them.  What are some of your favorite movies that have a Christmas theme but may not be measured as a Christmas movie?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.




2 thoughts on “5 Christmas Movies that are NOT about Christmas

  1. This is a tricky subject especially from the standpoint as what constituents it as a Christmas film. I’m not sure home alone counts due to the fact that the sole movie is based around Christmas and family issues during the holidays. Also gremlins is mostly about a Christmas gift gone wrong. It’s all about technicalities. Some other films you may want to consider are rocky IV, Edward scissor hands, Trading places, The godfather. The family man and Iron man 3


  2. Hmm thats a great point. The main reason I chose ‘Home Alone’ was due to the fact that yes its based around Christmas, but the main focus of the film isnt. Kevin must struggle to survive in his own home from the burglars. Thats pretty much what I meant by the “theme” of the movie where its not so much Christmas based as it may appear. However Gremilins I may reconsider but I put it on this list mostly because when you think of Christmas movies you usually dont think of Gremlins. So I guess it could be considered a “Christmas gone wrong” type of film. ‘Iron-Man 3’ is also a great choice. I forgot about that one.


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