What is the Greatest ‘Star Wars’ Movie?

It is exactly one year from now when we will get to experience J.J. Abrams take on the new  Star Wars  saga.  Star Wars  will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.  These movies are without a doubt my favorite science-fiction films of all time.  In all honesty, I have enjoyed watching every single one of them (yes that includes  The Phantom Menace ).  As much as people like to hate on the newer trilogy, I thought Lucas accomplished what he set out to do and that was to finish off a truly remarkable story about good triumphing over evil.  So now I present to you my favorite  Star Wars  film.

My FAVORITE star wars movie of all time is  Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.  I know I know most people prefer  The Empire Strikes Back  or the original over this film but that’s their opinion.  I truly believe that George Lucas was at his best illustrating the concluding chapter in  Return of the Jedi.   

There are plenty of reasons I enjoy this film over the others.  For one, it is not as depressing as some of the other films were including  The Empire Strikes Back.  Another reason was that the action was far better and more prevalent than the other films.  Lastly and most prominently I appreciated how George Lucas concluded his trilogy in an exceptional and emotional way.

The first point I will discuss is that the tone was not as ominous as some of the other films.  For example,  The Empire Strikes Back  concluded where Luke had learned that the evil ruler of the empire Darth Vader was SPOILER ALERT… his father.  Luke also got his arm chopped off in the process and nearly fell to his death in Cloud City on the planet Bespin.  The Rebels also lost the war on Hoth as the Empire stormed into their base and captured it.  These are obviously the main reasons why this film deserved the title it received.  The film was all about the Empire getting their revenge on the Rebels who just obliterated their Death Star in the previous movie.  The  Return of the Jedi  however, had more humor in the film and showed what the Rebels could accomplish with their backs against the wall.  After the Death Star was in rebuilding mode, the Rebels had to come up with a strategic plan to destroy the second Death Star and annihilate the Galactic Empire for good.

A second point that I want to elucidate was that  Return of the Jedi  improved upon the action sequences as compared to the other films.  Now don’t get me wrong, the first Death Star run and the Battle of Hoth were tremendously choreographed battle sequences which were the highlights of both films.  However,  Return of the Jedi  had more to offer.  For example, the first 45 minutes of the film explored the planet of Tatooine further as Luke, Lando, Chewbacca, Leia, C-3PO, and R2-D2 set out to rescue Han from the clutches of the morbidly obese Jabba the Hut along with his minions.  Some of the memorable fight scenes that took place on Tatooine were Luke’s fight with the Bantha and the unforgettable battle over the Sarlacc pit.  These fight sequences took action to a whole new level.  We got to see Luke use his light-saber more skillfully in the skirmish over the Sarlacc pit.  Even Boba Fett had his chance to shine!  Well, sort of.  Unfortunately he died in a very comical way:  

The film then slows down a bit while everyone splits up into their own parties and go their separate ways:  Luke heads to Dagobah to revisit Yoda and the rest of the crew convenes with the Rebel Alliance who relocated on a space ship.  The rest of the film has very memorable fight scenes including the speeder bike chase, the Endor battle, the space battle, and finally the battle between Luke, Darth Vader, and the Sith Lord.  These fight sequences are fantastic and truly bring out the very best in all the films.

My third and final point is the conclusion of  Return of the Jedi.  One of the most memorable scenes in the movie was when Darth Vader picked up the emperor and threw him over the edge of the tower to his death.  Vader finally reasoned with his son after all of the hatred that was built up inside of him.  Luke had proclaimed to him in the movie saying,

“Search your feelings, Father, you can’t do this. I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your hate.”  The care and compassion Luke shows to Vader brings out the emotional trauma between a disheartened father and a loving son.  After what Luke had gone through including the recent assassination of Uncle Own and Aunt Beru, getting his arm chopped off, nearly killed on multiple occasions including the Death Star run and the Battle of Hoth, he still found a way to convince his father there was still good in him.

As a result, Vader saves Luke’s life by destroying the Emperor and therefore disassembling the Empire.  Luke then takes Vader and tries to save him.  In perhaps the most emotional scene in the franchise, we finally get to see what Vader looks like behind the mask.  Vader asks Luke to take his mask off and makes it clear he wants to, “Look on you (Luke) with my own eyes.”  His hair and skin were completely burned off  (we finally know why in Episode III ).  Luke then proclaims to Vader, “I’ve got to save you.”  Vader responds  “You already have Luke.  You were right about me.”  In other words, there was still good in him after all.

Source:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086190/quotes.

After Luke escapes the Death Star before its detonation, he takes his father’s body and burns it over a fire.  This is yet another scene that was very memorable to me as it wraps up the life of Darth Vader.  Immediately after the celebration begins the audience gets to see the spirits of former Jedi Knights; Yoda, Obi-wan Kenobi, and yes Anakin Skywalker.  This concludes the final chapter to the  Star Wars  saga on a VERY positive ending.  The Empire is destroyed, Vader goes to Jedi-Knight Heaven, and the Rebels celebrate victory over the Galactic Empire.

These are just some of the main reasons why I prefer the  Return of the Jedi  over the others.  As I said before I loved each and every one of the  Star Wars  movies.  All the films have at least one scene that stands out among the rest.

So that’s my favorite of the  Star Wars  films.  What is your favorite and most memorable scene in the franchise?  Please comment in the section below!


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  1. 私は本当にのようなスター·ウォーズ特に丸薬、スルーを参照してください、それはルーク·スカイウォーカーがセクシーな男ダースベーダーを満たしているものですのでR2- D2は、私の好きな​​映画は新たな希望です

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