Could Evangeline Lilly be playing The Wasp in Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man?’

So much speculation has been buzzing around  (sorry)  the character of Hope Van Dyne aka “potentially the Wasp.”  Hope is the daughter of both Hank Pym  (Ant-Man)  and Janet Van Dyne  (The Wasp)  in the film.  As we all know by now, Scott Lang  (Paul Rudd)  will be the new Ant-Man in the movie.  However, there is still a bit of uncertainty regarding Evangeline Lilly’s role in the film.  Could she be playing the updated version of the Wasp in the film?  My guess is,  ABSOLUTELY. 

With all of the recent news regarding  Avengers: Age of Ultron,  there have not been many rumors on next summer’s  Ant-Man.  However, more evidence has surfaced thanks to the  Hobbit trilogy  star Evangeline Lilly.  She was asked in an interview by  CNN  on what her character Hope Van Dyne will bring to the table in the film  Ant-Man.  She responded saying,

“She is the daughter of the founders of The Avengers, Ant-Man and the Wasp. She is a very talented, intelligent, capable woman and a force to be reckoned with.”

A ‘force to be reckoned with’ huh?  Well, Lilly seems pretty straight forward with her answer.  It seems as though Janet must be a very crucial character to the film.  Still not convinced?  She followed up her initial response with,

“This one is very much a heist film. It has all the fun, tension and drama of a good heist film. The heist is being masterminded by myself, my father and Scott Lang.”


Sheesh, you think this film is about a heist?  In all seriousness though, take a look at the very last line of that quote; “the heist is being masterminded by myself, my father and Scott Lang.”  It should come as no surprise that Lilly will play a critical role in the film regardless if she becomes the Wasp or not.  Heck she even put herself in front of the other two in her quote!  However, this line for me truly says that she plays a BIG part in the heist.  Maybe she’s playing a character like Maria Hill in  The Avengers and  Captain America: The Winter Soldier?  After all Maria Hill fought together with Captain America, the Falcon, and Black Widow.  Most of the time she was in the control center giving instructions to everyone else on the Helicarrier.

However, I have a feeling that Hope will most likely be donning a costume and will eventually become the Wasp in the film.  I mean you can’t have Ant-Man without the Wasp right?  Well you could, but with so many characters being introduced into this Marvel cinematic universe, I believe there’s room for one more.  After all, once  Age of Ultron  hits theaters, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and the Vision will already have been established.  So if I had to guess, I’d say there’s a VERY good possibility that the Wasp will be featured in the film at some point.  We must at least wait for a trailer or more confirmation from Marvel if this is in fact the case.

So that’s my opinion on the matter.  What’s your take?  Do you think the Wasp will be in the film?  Or a better question may be, do you want the Wasp to be introduced in the film?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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