This One Scene Could Explain Why We’re Getting a ‘Jurassic World’ Movie

With  Jurassic World  stomping into theaters next June, I thought I’d share what I believe was the most critical scene for the whole franchise.  Jurassic Park  has brought us all kinds of memorable scenes with the dinosaurs including the first time we see the T-Rex,  the brachiosaurus,  the spitting dilophosaurus’s,  and the velociraptors attacking everyone.  But there is one scene in particular that is often overlooked by many fans of the original movie.  This one scene could prove to be why  Jurassic World  is being created in the first place. 

Remember Newman, uh I mean Dennis Nedry?  You know the character who Wayne Knight played in the film?  This Guy:

He was asked by a corporate rival named BioSyn to steal the dinosaur embryos and hopefully create their own dinosaur theme park.  They were offering Nedry a ton of money if he can fulfill the mission.  Nedry accepts the bribe and begins to deactivate the security system while also taking the embryos and hiding them inside a Barbasol shaving cream can.  He takes off in a jeep and eventually crashes.  This is where the most important scene comes in:  The death of Dennis and the Barbasol can.

Watch it here: 

As you can see at the end of this scene, the can falls into some mud and gets covered up with the embryos still intact.  It is quite possible that the organization (BioSyn) that was supposed to have obtained the embryos from Nedry, may have sent in some of their crew to the island to retrieve the embryos after the events in the film.  Assuming they were successful they began cloning dinosaurs on the island.  Both  The Lost World Jurassic Park  and  Jurassic Park 3,  do not take place on Isle Nublar. Instead, they take place on the sister island of Isle Sorna.

The facility at Isle Sorna in  The Lost World Jurassic Park  was shut down and a storm destroyed the containment facilities which allowed the dinosaurs to roam free in the wild.  This island was important for nurturing the dinosaurs which allowed the workers to transport the dinosaurs to Isle Nublar which was the location for  Jurassic Park.

In comes the company named Masraini Inc. which opened  Jurassic World  many years after the events of all the films.  Did this company somehow get their hands on the embryos from BioSyn?  Or perhaps maybe BioSyn actually works with Masrain Inc?  According to the map on Masraini’s website, (you can view the map right here), they have locations all around the world.  One of their sites is actually positioned in California.  BioSyn before going bankrupt, was also located in California.  So my guess is that BioSyn has been working with Masraini Inc all this time.

I know I am really over thinking this theory but it is plausible and would not surprise me if this is a fallacy.  This is a very confusing theory, but someone had to get their hands on those embryos otherwise there would have been no way of cloning more dinosaurs.  All of the embryos had been stored at  Jurassic Park’s  facilities which of course were then stolen by Dennis Nedry. The park was of course shut down after the major outbreaks that took place.

At the end of the film  Jurassic Park,  Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) states, “Mr. Hammond, after careful consideration, I’ve decided not to endorse your park.”  Hammond then replies, “It’s over.”  But little does Hammond (Richard Attenborough) know that 20 years later, his park would be rebuilt and guests could once again experience the chance of a lifetime to see living dinosaurs.

So what do you guys think?  Do you believe that the dinosaurs in the upcoming film  Jurassic World were created from the left over embryos they found?  Do you think the company Masraini Inc were the one’s who tried to put Hammond out of business by causing the park to falter?  Share your thoughts below.



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