A “Blessing in Disguise?” Ridley Scott WILL NOT Direct ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

Recent news reports have surfaced that Ridley Scott WILL NOT be directing the Blade Runner  sequel.  He will in fact produce the film much like Steven Spielberg is doing with Jurassic World.  But is this a good thing or rather a  “blessing in disguise?”

In the year 1982,  a science fiction film starring Harrison Ford called Blade Runner  was released to the public.  Fresh off his recent sci-fi films Star Wars a New Hope  and Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back,  Ford found himself in the science fiction genre afresh.  Ford (Rick Deckard),  is a retired police officer, now a bounty hunter who works side by side with the police force in a dystopian city of Los Angeles in the year 2019.

Not to go in to much detail of the film,  but I found it to be VERY BORING.  The pacing of the film is REALLY SLOW and has constantly enticed me to look at the clock to see how much time had passed.  This obviously is not a good sign when watching any film.  The overall feel of the film was very dreary and depressing.  There did not seem to be much going on until midway through the film.  However,  one positive I did get out of this film is its special effects.  Ridley Scott was also the one who directed Alien  and the effects in that film did not disappoint.  So it came as no surprise that this movie had fantastic visuals and special effects.

I also found the plot to be perplexing:  Deckard’s  (Harrison Ford) mission is to hunt down and destroy all of the replicants (a fictional bioengineered or biorobotic android)  whose use on earth is banned and are exclusively used for dangerous,  menial,  or  leisure work on off–world colonies.”  These replicants look,  act,  and talk just like humans.  However,  what sets them apart is that they are stronger,  faster,  and more intelligent than humans.  You can read more about the replicants here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replicant.  This plot was very confusing to me. In fact Deckard even fell in love with an android!  This was what completely turned me off on the film.

Now getting back to my point earlier,  the Blade Runner  sequel will not be directed by Ridley Scott.  I have come to realize that this may be a positive.  While Blade Runner  did receive critical acclaim and has been referred to as a sci-fi  “cult classic,”  I myself did not enjoy the film and find it overrated.  It is also considered by most people, one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time.  I tend to disagree but I have already shared my points you.

Scott also recently spoke about the plans for the sequel.  He states,  “We talked at length about what it could be,  and came up with a pretty strong three-act storyline.”  Scott expressed his interest in having Harrison Ford return as Rick Deckard in the sequel.  It’s not quite clear how big a role he will have in the film but Scott does shed some light on the topic:  “Harrison is very much part of this one,”  Scott continues,  “But it’s really about finding him.  He comes in on the third act.”  You can view the full article here:   http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/386733-ridley-scott-will-not-direct-blade-runner-sequel-shares-story-details.

Perhaps having a new director for the upcoming Blade Runner  sequel might be a pleasant surprise?  I’m just hoping it’s not as boring or drawn out as the original film.  I’ll have to wait till a trailer is released to give you a better perspective on the sequel.  No one is certain who the new director will be but hopefully it will be someone that will direct a fantastic sequel!

So what do you guys think?  Did you like the original Blade Runner  film or do you find it overrated as I do?  Are you excited that they are making a sequel to Blade Runner ?  Share your thoughts below!


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