The ‘Fast and Furious’ Franchise Still in 1st Place

* In honor of the biggest star of the Fast and Furious franchise, I’d like to dedicate this article to Paul Walker and give thanks to his contributions both as an actor and as a person.

It’s hard to believe, but The Fast and the Furious  franchise began thirteen years ago, in 2001. Despite Paul Walker’s death on November 30th of last year, the producers have announced that they will still be making at least three more films to bring the franchise to 10 movies!

In the wake of Walker’s death, it is hard to say whether or not he would have signed on for these films and even harder to determine whether or not it is even right to continue moving forward.

Donna Langley of Universal Studios recently spoke about moving on without Walker and shed light on what direction The Fast and the Furious  appears to be heading.

“I believe it [can]. We think there’s at least three more.  Paul is, and always will be, an integral part of the story.  But there are many other great characters, and it’s also an opportunity to introduce new characters.  I think it’s still a growing franchise.  We’ll see what happens with Furious 7, obviously, but our box office has grown over the past three or four films and internationally, in particular.  So we think that there’s more to mine there.  But we’re of course very mindful about fatigue.”

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This franchise is literally not slowing down. The six films that have been released thus far have grossed a total of $2,383,399,260 worldwide, a ridiculous number considering that their combined budget was just $569,000,000! (

I have never personally been a huge fan; the films seem to generate extraordinary revenue from generic, ordinary plots. I do not consider myself a “car guy,” so maybe that’s why I’m not as taken with these films as the people I know who love and are very knowledgeable about them, but I can’t deny the money these movies have brought in.  By that measure, I’d say they have every reason to keep speeding ahead.

What do you guys think? Should the Fast and Furious franchise continue without Paul Walker, or would you end it after the upcoming Furious 7 ? Comment below and share your thoughts!


One thought on “The ‘Fast and Furious’ Franchise Still in 1st Place

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